What is Metro Kitmom?

in yet another discussion with my mom 😉

When I was in fourth grade I received my first ever ‘D’ in Math. Though I was not the smartest kid in the class I was not the worst either, I never got below C in any of my subjects. I got into an argument with my mom about why she shouldn’t worry about the ‘D’ because when I grow up I will be a writer and I don’t need math for that! While my mother supports my dreams, she tolerates no bull either. I still got an earful that day. And that wasn’t the last ‘D’ I got for math during school either.

Fast forward to now, being a writer is not as easy as it look like back in 4th grade. You do need to know math for a start, and you need to have discipline to hone your craft.  Before I have children, I co-wrote a book about writing screenplay with a friend. As I was working as a production assistant,  I write from the producer’s POV and my friend from the writer’s. I was so happy when the book got published. I thought yay! I’m a writer!

But of course, life intervene in the form of children. It gets harder and harder to sit down and write amids the cries of children and the pile of dirty laundry so I let the writing thing slip.

Two children later I realise all I have to show is that book, which I think is out of print, and a few essays that got published in collection of essays. I’m not a writer, I’m just a wannabe!

I don’t want to give up that dream so I started this blog as a way to jump start my dream. In a blog, you’re free to write about anything so here I will write about things that interest me, things that I think people should know, and whatever that fills my mind that I just have to write about it. But what exactly are those things?

After much searching here’s what to expect:

  • I love living in Jakarta, a metropolitan city
  • I love being a mom
  • I love cats
  • I’m trying to be a better person everyday
Voila Metro Kitmom! So read me, critique my writing, I promise not to get mad if you do, and let’s get writing 🙂

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