Who Are Kitmom’s Crew?


Babeh is my hubby, the father of my children. He neither likes nor dislikes cat, in fact he’d rather we don’t have any. But he loves his family more as he once let them sleep in Kakak’s bed because as he put it, “I don’t have the heart to put them out of the room as they were sound asleep.”


Well, that would be me 😀 I’ve loved cats ever since I can remember, in fact my first friends at home -besides my family- are cats. At one point my mother allowed more than 10 cats to live in our house! That was when we lived in a house with a huge backyard. The last cat I owned is Bevy when I lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, when I was 14. Sadly Bevy went missing and is highly suspected of being killed by the neighbour’s dogs. Hence I don’t like dogs very much and still get upset upon remembering sweet little Bevy.
Bebel is the first cat I owned as a mom. Joyous to have a cat again I started sharing photos of Bebel and later her kittens in Facebook and select kitty mommy friends in twitter.  Hence the nickname kitmom started.


My eldest. Loves cat very much and likes to take the cats to play in her room and sleep with them. Has scratch marks to prove it too. It is her job to feed the cats though sometimes she forgets and need to be reminded. Lila is her favourite.


My youngest. Thinks cats are cute and likes to hug them very much. Sometimes treats them like toys so need to be supervised as to not hurt the cats. May have a scratch mark or two. Zorro is his favourite.


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