One and All My Life are just an extension of my mom’s music

Simply excellent. Glad I got to watch the concert.

Listening to One by Metallica as I’m reading my news, I’m struck at how beautiful the string arrangements in the middle of the song, around minute 4 and then around minute 6 or the end. Okay so perhaps ‘beautiful’ might not be the appropriate word to describe metal music but hey, I’m no expert! I just like to listen to whatever my ears take a liking to. It got me thinking (I know, dangerous activity this, thinking) your taste doesn’t just evolve by itself, it takes into account influences by people closest to you; people in your household and friends.

What are your toes made of?

My parents actually has similar musical taste. They both like pop music at their time which given their age it means everything from jazz, swing, to rock n’ roll. Because of my dad western influenced education, he also likes classics. So come to think of it, the noises my house produces were rather wide-ranging. At any given time you could be subjected to Mozart, Benny Goodman, Elvis, The Beatles, Strauss, Louis Armstrong, Simon & Garfunkel, and Michael Franks. Each kids responds differently to this cacophony of sounds.


His voice is amazing. Right up my second sister’s alley. If she listens to current music that is.

My oldest sister seems to absorbed it all and likes whatever is cool at the moment. My brother takes after my mom and pursue a more rockin’ sound such as Kiss, Genesis, Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater. My other sister is firmly in the gentler sound genre. She likes Rick Astley and other similar crooner. Me? Since I was born even later, not only I got to listen to my parents’, I got the ‘benefit’ of my siblings too. This time, those who cranks it out loudest seems to win.

In his time, this dude is a pop star!

Yes, I like classical music. I enjoyed listening to the old masters, I am moved by operas and listen to some arias for fun. Yes I like pop music. I still love Madonna and Michael Jackson – I actually cried when he died. I absolutely adore Take That and has a huge crush on the Backstreet Boys. Yes, I also like rock music. Given that out of all the older siblings, my brother got to drive me around most it is no surprise I also likes the sound of Kiss and Whitesnake and I thought the art covers for Iron Maiden was very colourful and funny. I dunno why those skellies seems funny instead of scary to my 6-year-old mind. Perhaps my skewered sense of humour just developed early.


Oh look, a skeleton rides a plane! Funny! Right?

So I listen to all kinds of music but the clincher is of course the music of my highschool years. During my time this is no other than that famous Seattle sound aka grunge. I think highschool girls around the globe were in love Kurt and Eddie (well not me. Kurt made me want to cook while I kinda want to give Eddie a chill pill) at that time. Eventually, if push come to shove, ripping guitars and decisive drums wins out among others. I like rock music and its many variations a little bit above everything else. I still think that in an alternate universe, my name is Mrs Dave Grohl. (yes, how old are you again?)

Hello dearest 😉

Who do you listens to and what or who do you think influence your taste?


For You

I think you knew,
Is that why
you kiss a little harder?
you hold a little longer?

We choose our words
for once it is said
it can not be unsaid

You knew, we knew
a million words can express
So we choose none
we choose none

*cilandak 110412*

Imaginary Lover

And I masked sadness with smile,
for I am not ready to lose you.
Not yet, not yet.

And I know that time is coming,
you were never mine,
and I, the fool that dare to adore you

I am I am playing with borrowed time,
toying with razor sharp blades,
at the ready at any given time

Scold me, mock me,
but tell me,
would you let this go if you could?

And I bet you that you wouldn’t,
fight me but you wouldn’t.
You’d stand with me and hang on precariously

Don’t hold me,
don’t kiss me if you can’t fix me,
and you won’t

Alas, alas,
such is my fate, my dearest,
I pick the short straw
with your name etched in the end

What can I do, what can I do,
but yearn for you?

Sleep well, sleep well,
let me dream for you,
mi amor

I know not how long this ledge will last,
so let me be,
let me be


of classes, prep time, etc

I knew I’ve been lax with post-a-week thing. Just didn’t realise how severe the laziness was until I look at the number of entries. Less than 4 entries for the whole of August!!! Now that is quite serious fall from the wagon so to speak 😉

Not sure what hit me last month. Hormones gone a bit haywire, was holding a slight grudge and couldn’t quite shake it off. Bad me. Don’t copy it people. Then again I did have, for the first time, 3 different classes in the same semester. I have held few classes in a week but it usually were the same subject so I just need to do 1 prep for them. Now I need to do 3 different set of prep because they are different with different kids. And boy, that takes a lot of time. I just wanna zonked out once work is done. Didn’t really feel like writing anything else, especially after marking papers. I do need to sort out my time better though because the director just told me that I may have the same schedule for next semester. Eek!

However, now that this semester is winding down I think I finally got the hang of it. Earlier I always feel like I’m playing catch up with the classes. No sooner than one prep is done, the next one already waiting to be done with no rest in between. I probably said it before but I really have a higher appreciation for my high school teachers now. Not only do they have to teach everyday but at different levels as well. They really need to be paid much much better than what they are now. Sad how some people think teacher’s salary don’t matter. Anyway, that’s a topic on its own which I really don’t want to get into right now.

Of my tons of readers, if any of you are teachers, care to share any time management tips? I’d love to learn from your experience and would welcome any tips to be a better, more productive teacher 🙂

Have a good weekend!

What’s the point of it being edible?

And just like that she managed to make me feel like a madam trying to teach her juniors new tricks and feel old at the same time.

Ok let me backtrack a little.

So, whenever a bunch of married women get together pretty regularly to have a gab fest at some point somewhere eventually our conversation is going to be peppered with some boudoir talks. Nothing truly graphic, just bordering on raunchy just to spice things up a bit. Since all the married women in this particular group been married for over a year and have at least one kid, safe to say we’re all somewhat experienced in that area. Maybe not as extensive as Belle du Jour or any of the SATC girls but experienced nonetheless. But, apparently I was mistaken.

When one of my friend, a young sweet gal, let’s just call her Sally, doesn’t realise what roleplay is I should have realised that Sally is perhaps a little young and not as ‘corrupted’ as the rest of us rowdy hens. She couldn’t get certain jokes and couldn’t connect the dots at others. Sometimes her comments are funnier than the jokes itself. Ok that sounds kinda cruel, but she’s just so earnest. Sometimes her comments sounds like innuendo that I just couldn’t resist reciprocating and then found out that Sally really wasn’t making one and that she still has a childlike mind. Like edible paint for example.

I wanted to laugh at that one. I never thought explaining what edible paint is should take more than 1 simple sentence. Yet we had a whole conversation about it. I nearly fell off the chair. I’m this close into launching into graphic detail about the usage of edible paint. Thank gawd I was spared 😀

No, Sally is not stupid, she’s actually really smart, she just never read Cosmo so it seems. Well, just give her time. She’ll get older and if she continues hanging out with us she’ll get rowdy too I’m sure.

Tee heee 😉

Books That Made Me Cry

This is actually an old list but upon a re-read still holds reasonably true so hey why not move it here too. I add some new books as well. Feel free to copy the rules and make your own list!

Tumben di tag tante Dee 😉
Hmm… sebenarnya saya rada jarang menangis klo baca buku, lebih sering klo nonton pelem. Okelah here we go


Make a list of books that make you cry. Don’t think too hard. Choose books that you’ll be able to remember (10, 15, 25, or more, up to you :D). Tag friends (how many, up to you too ;), but don’t forget, tag me. I am curious to know what books my friends chose.

1. Totto Chan – Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

2. Emak Ingin Naik Haji – Asma Nadia

3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – JK Rowlings

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – JK Rowlings

5. Oops Selingkuh – Inez Han & duh maaf saya lupa…

6. Hafalan Shalat Delisa – Tere Liye

7. Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck

8. Prasasti – Melvy Yendra

9. The Cat Who Went to Paris – Peter Gethers

10. Muhammad – Tasaro GK

This is my own category, not enough to shed a tear but definitely touching.
apalagi ya? Kategori Mengharukan aja ya:

1. Negeri 5 Menara – A. Fuadi

2. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

3. The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold

3. Astrid – klo gak salah yang terakhir. Lupa judulnya apa – Djokolelono

4. The Noodle Maker – Jian Ma

5. Derai Sunyi – Asma Nadia

6. The Girl with the Pearl Earrings – Tracy Chevalier

Shall add more as I read more books that could be in this list 🙂