Moving Day

Moving is always chaotic no matter how small or how big the move is. Even though you’re prepared as much as you can before hand there’s always last-minute things to be packed, last-minute things to take care of. If like me you’re doing in on the budget, you hire bodies to help you. Not movers, not those efficient people who make moving effortless, but bodies you command to carry heavy stuff for you.

As it is we were helped by our domestic crew; the cook, the maid and the driver goes to a bar… eh no, though it does sound like the beginning of a joke doesn’t? Then my hubby called his cousin, hire 3 extra people to help with the moving. With 6 people you think it’ll go fast, but noo… again, doing in on budget we manage to rent a truck virtually free. Then the truck came. Our SUV is probably bigger than that. It’s so tiny it’s the art truck – the vehicle I used to rent for the art dept in productions. So it came in many loads and one day was not enough even though we started from the morning.

To my husband’s credit, he was a real trooper. I was exhausted around noon, and when 3 pm rolls by I was a mush. He kindly told me to just take a nap and don’t worry about it. Love you so much babe! So I did. When I woke up I realise that he had managed to move most of our belongings. but where is our bed?

I went downstairs and there was the bed. They couldn’t move it upstairs. All of them racked their tired brains and the way the house is constructed the only way to get in the bed was to take out a long side window. The stairs were too narrow to make it though and they couldn’t pull it in from the balcony like they do in downtown Amsterdam. Of the two kids’ room, my son’s room were the neatest (meaning not so many boxes were in there) I proceed to hunt down 2 clean sheets, made the bed, sweep the room, generally tried to make it clean and comfy for the night. Thank God our children were staying over with their cousins so they don’t have to sleep in the mess.

Around 6pm we called it a day. Took shower, grab dinner, then went home. How nice that sounds, went home. To our own home. But of course that’s not the end. As I was getting ready for bed, I heard hubby was moving stuff around. I thought, oh give it a rest babe, we can continue tomorrow. But then… Voila! turned out he was installing the tv. Look, he said, we can watched TV! I had to laugh. The man loves his tv. Bless his heart. Thus ends a very tiring day πŸ™‚







Moving House

The main agenda for my family this summer is to packed up and move from our rented house into our own house! Yes, our very own. We got a mortgage to prove it πŸ˜‰

What I didn’t or in denial about is how effing chaotic moving is. Sure I move about in my youth but moving oneself from one student digs to another, which is just one room, is quite different to moving a whole house. Somehow I got moving amnesia since it was only 2 years ago we moved from our apartment to the rented house.

So anyway, for a whole weekend and the week afterwards the house resembles a warehouse. Boxes upon boxes everywhere. There’s no ready internet connection in the house so I haven’t been able to go online for about a fortnight and it was awful. More on that in another post tho.

Now, a lot of boxes have been unpacked. Majority of things have found their places, our cats have returned and resume fighting among themselves, in short things are gradually returning to normal.

I installed the internet yesterday so can start blogging again. Yipee! The house has really turning into a home and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you thank you thank you so much dear Allah. Alhamdulillah.

My Dream House

It has to be big enough to accomodate all of us, but small enough so I can take care of it on my own if needs be. A house that needs an army of domestic help to run is impractical.

So, the house would have bedrooms for everyone. My room would have an en suite and a walk-in closet with floor to ceiling mirror(s). The kids can share bathroom but may put a separate sink outside.We’ll have a guest toilet of course so no one has to fight for it.Plus a spare room/work room/library with a daybed for lounging or for guests to sleep over.

Next, a lovely kitchen for me took cook, maybe an outside or ‘dirty’ kitchen if space permits. A breakfast bar with high stools sound lovely too so I don’t have to take my lunch on a big empty table when the kids are at school.

Definitely a living room with a huge tv screen, plush sofa, a quiet corner for the pc, tall wall for more bookshelves and wonderful windows to let the sun and the light in. Might have a small guest parlour or a formal living room if needed.

Since we probably still need domestic help, a decently sized staff quarter with properly sized and lighted bed and bathroom is neccessary.

Think that’s all for indoor rooms. Now the outdoor. First off, a laundry and drying area. Nothing like sun dried clothes to keep the bacteria away. Definitely a front garden and a backyard. Would love one of those English suburb type houses with massive back yard so you can put up a marquee and have a party. More importantly so my husband can garden his heart away. A bit of greeneries soothe the soul. We could have our morning tea while reading the papers at the terrace overlooking the yard and watch the cat chase birds. When the weather is right, we could spread a blanket and have a picnic. Heck, we could move the dining table and have dinner outdoor complete with candles and those fire stick thingies. Lighting fireworks would be the after dinner entertainment. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Ooh, almost forgot a garage that’s linked to the house so it can be opened up to provide extra room for indoor gatherings like say, having a Quran classes or just your extended family do.

Well, that’s my dream spread out. Tread softly if you please.

Note: I wrote this a while back when owning a house was still a dream for me. Now that it has come to reality, I find it fascinating to take a look back at when it was all still in my head.