Those Who Live in Our Hearts

Sometime you know someone for years
and you still don’t know how to have a convo
beyond hello, how are you? Good? Great…

Sometime you know someone for years
and know each other so well
you can be quiet or rowdy, you’ll have a blast

Then you met someone
who made such a huge impression
that when their time is cut short
suddenly you’re left with a gaping hole
and you know not how to stitch it close

Oh life goes on
laundry not gonna clean itself
nor is dinner
would that they could

then you go somewhere
see something
immediately thinking, ooh need to tell.. oh yeah.. can not.

well dang, ain’t that just peachy
who’s cutting onions near me?

ok, moving along now

the problem with that gaping hole
no matter how good you are at sewing
you’ll never completely seal it
darn these microscopic holes!

and still, life goes on

sink or swim?

what you have to remember
life jackets and rafts are always available
seek and ye shall find

we’ll see each other anyway, eventually.

until then,

lebak bulus 170816



One and All My Life are just an extension of my mom’s music

Simply excellent. Glad I got to watch the concert.

Listening to One by Metallica as I’m reading my news, I’m struck at how beautiful the string arrangements in the middle of the song, around minute 4 and then around minute 6 or the end. Okay so perhaps ‘beautiful’ might not be the appropriate word to describe metal music but hey, I’m no expert! I just like to listen to whatever my ears take a liking to. It got me thinking (I know, dangerous activity this, thinking) your taste doesn’t just evolve by itself, it takes into account influences by people closest to you; people in your household and friends.

What are your toes made of?

My parents actually has similar musical taste. They both like pop music at their time which given their age it means everything from jazz, swing, to rock n’ roll. Because of my dad western influenced education, he also likes classics. So come to think of it, the noises my house produces were rather wide-ranging. At any given time you could be subjected to Mozart, Benny Goodman, Elvis, The Beatles, Strauss, Louis Armstrong, Simon & Garfunkel, and Michael Franks. Each kids responds differently to this cacophony of sounds.


His voice is amazing. Right up my second sister’s alley. If she listens to current music that is.

My oldest sister seems to absorbed it all and likes whatever is cool at the moment. My brother takes after my mom and pursue a more rockin’ sound such as Kiss, Genesis, Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater. My other sister is firmly in the gentler sound genre. She likes Rick Astley and other similar crooner. Me? Since I was born even later, not only I got to listen to my parents’, I got the ‘benefit’ of my siblings too. This time, those who cranks it out loudest seems to win.

In his time, this dude is a pop star!

Yes, I like classical music. I enjoyed listening to the old masters, I am moved by operas and listen to some arias for fun. Yes I like pop music. I still love Madonna and Michael Jackson – I actually cried when he died. I absolutely adore Take That and has a huge crush on the Backstreet Boys. Yes, I also like rock music. Given that out of all the older siblings, my brother got to drive me around most it is no surprise I also likes the sound of Kiss and Whitesnake and I thought the art covers for Iron Maiden was very colourful and funny. I dunno why those skellies seems funny instead of scary to my 6-year-old mind. Perhaps my skewered sense of humour just developed early.


Oh look, a skeleton rides a plane! Funny! Right?

So I listen to all kinds of music but the clincher is of course the music of my highschool years. During my time this is no other than that famous Seattle sound aka grunge. I think highschool girls around the globe were in love Kurt and Eddie (well not me. Kurt made me want to cook while I kinda want to give Eddie a chill pill) at that time. Eventually, if push come to shove, ripping guitars and decisive drums wins out among others. I like rock music and its many variations a little bit above everything else. I still think that in an alternate universe, my name is Mrs Dave Grohl. (yes, how old are you again?)

Hello dearest 😉

Who do you listens to and what or who do you think influence your taste?

Changes and Challenges

Nothing jumps starts a new year like fresh new looks and challenges. After reading the handy-dandy report WordPress freely provided about our blogging year, it is sadly rather lacking. Apparently I only post 6. Yes, only 6 new stuff!!! What was I doing? On twitter mostly.

It is extremely easy to just flash off a sentence or two on twitter. So very easy. Although sometimes one found that one starts to write series of tweets since one’s thought on the matter is actually longer than a sentence (or two). And why am I insisting in writing in third person like this? Oh and I’ve been reading too. Crazy amount of time reading.

I got an iPad mini last year. Then I started discovering the bookstore and that there are free, FREE ebooks abound!!! Of course most of these free books were part of trilogies or more. So before I realise it, I started reading, and reading, and reading, and I’ve surpassed the challenge I set for myself on Goodreads! I set out to read 40 books and I think I read closer to 60. Some books were rather crap so I don’t bother putting it on the list. But then I also realised I’ve been feeling somewhat restless…

I’ve read and now it is time to create something. Since I’m not very good at arts and crafts, I’ll resort to writing. I’m no Rowling, but I don’t think my writing is too bad. I can craft words or two and what better way to start than giving myself a challenge?

The challenge actually one of those Facebook tag thingy but instead of the usual list of 10 things I like about Cats or something, you’re challenge to create a small works of art for friends who replied and forward the challenge too. Initially I wasn’t going to do it but then my friend assured me that writing does constitute a work or art. So I plunge forward, says I’m in and copy the status. It looks like this :

I, Sita Sidharta, hereby promise to make a small work of art for the first ten people who comment on this post and say “YES, I want in”. A ‘like’ alone is not enough of a commitment, nor is a comment about thinking Pay It Forward is a great idea.

You must in turn post this as your status update and make something for the first ten who comment on your status.

* The rules are simple: it has to be your work, made by you, and the recipient must receive it before 2014 ends… *

(Thanks to Sara A Chaudhary)

Seems simple but to write 10 things for people you know puts it to another level – at least to someone who only manage 6 posts last year 😉 So far only 5 friends is up for the challenge. It’ll probably stay that way since by tomorrow that post will be a goner, replaced by steady stream of updates from others. That’s ok. That’s still 5 piece of writing to think about. I’m excited about it actually 😀

As for the change, I change my blog theme again. This time I went for something more streamlined, less clutter. Sadly my cats don’t make an appearance despite the blog being called ‘Metro Kitmom’. I guess I’ll just have to post photos about them then. ha!









Yep, those are the Bebels; Bella, Joyyo, and Lila, respectively.

Oh and feel free to take up the challenge. There are still 5 spots left so do leave a comment here and copy paste it onto your blog. I’ll write something for you. It may be a prose, a poem, flash fiction… I don’t know yet but I can promise it will come from the heart.

Have a good and productive year!

Driving Miss Dessy

Dessy is one of my dearest friend and a big supporter of me driving. She always ‘preached’ the virtue of being able to drive in this city “Think about it, you’ll be independent, not depending on anyone. If there’s emergency you can take the kids to the ER in no time instead of having to wait for the taxi, etc etc… ” Which are all very true and I totally agree with her. But, have you seen the traffic here in Jakarta?  The Santa Monica freeway jam is nothing compare to the daily goings over here. Massive jams, crazy motorist, innocents buses who thinks they’re so small and slight they can just swerve in and out of lanes like an Olympic ice skater.

In theory I really like the idea of driving. In practice… well it depends. Back in LA it was loads of fun. I even get to drive to San Fransisco on my own! I really did! I also went to San Diego and Visalia; I have a cousin in the former and my roommate came from the latter.  Oh and I also drive to Disney and spend a fabulous birthday there too!

So when the registration for the car finally over, got the license plate, etc, Dessy was the first one to show up at my house and demanded to be driven by me. She has lots of guts! Besides my family, everyone else were giving me polite smiles while thinking up excuses how to escape being my tutor. But not ms Dessy, she practice what she preached. Yay for her! And I am very grateful for that.

Ms Dessy wasn’t a native of Jakarta like I am, so this city is new to her too. Yet she managed to ‘conquer’ the streets and happily zipping through it everyday in her nifty little compact. She taught me tricks of driving in little lanes, “Remember, the other car doesn’t want to get hit by you so they will adjust.” Or, “The roads are crap over here so it’s better to go a bit to the right rather than the left. You don’t want to hit the pedestrians.” And finally, “Motorist are annoying. Just get used to it.” But it’s true tho. She told me about her early days of driving, how once she was minding her own business, queueing for the green light when suddenly her car was hit by idiotic motor cyclist and all sorts of tales from the road.

I’m still not as brave as her. I have yet to drive beyond my immediate neighbourhood. Heck I haven’t even been able to go to my second home aka the local mall, on my own. But thanks to her encouragement,  I can go to my weekly Quran study classes on my own. I’m also able to drop and pick my children from school now. Uh, correction, I can go to my daughter’s school. I still need to work up the courage to go to my son’s kindergarten. The streets are narrower there.  But anyway, now that school is out, the streets are somewhat emptier so the next few weeks are good time for me to practice driving some more. My target is to be able to go to the mall, my parents and siblings house, plus the hospital and the Pediatric clinic all on my own. And to ms Dessy’s house too of course. As usual, wish me luck!

Thank you ms Dessy, I hope you’re not afraid to ride with me in the driver’s seat. Here’s to going to your house at some point this July 😉

Ketemu Okky

Dulu waktu SD saya pernah bertemu, tepatnya melihat mbak Okky. Waktu itu saya dan teman-teman lagi lulumpatan main di halaman dan saya ingat kami berhenti bermain untuk melihat beliau berjalan melintas halaman dan keluar pagar. Saya pikir, siapa ya kok seperti yang pernah lihat? Teman saya bilang, eh itu kan Okky yang peragawati itu. Oh iya, pantes aja kayak tau wong sering lihat di majalah ibu saya J dan mbak Okky tersenyum kepada kami, sekelompok anak SD yang sedang terpukau.

Jadi, ketika kemarin Nanik bilang mau ketemu sama beliau di Aksara, Kemang, jelas saya harus ikutan. Pertama saya kangen ama Nanik, trus Kemang (sebetulnya) dekat dari tempat saya, lalu saya masih penasaran sama ingatan saya, dan ke toko buku – it’s my candy store! Jadilah saya ngintil meski nggak sama pasukan sih, cuma sama pendekar cilik yang belum bobo siang.

Dan… she is just like I remembered. Tall, smart, charming, cultured, classy, beautiful, and infinitely elegant. At the risk of sounding like a trippy hippie, she exudes such positive aura, charm just emanates out of her. Saya terpukau. Lagi.

Kalau saja hp saya agak maju teknologinya sedikit pasti dah minta foto bareng. Ah, tak apalah.

(Nanik, makasih banget ya saya dah boleh ngintil ke Aksara. Tempatnya ternyata asoy. Kapan BC disitu?)