World Cup Fever : Iker Casillas

Ok, like I said before, I’m not a big football fan. However that doesn’t stop me from checking out the players every once in a while. Now, footie players are buff. They just have to. They’re young, they do sport everyday, they have six-pack abs, and some of them are just total dreamboats. For example, Iker Casillas. I noticed him on the last World Cup. I don’t remember who Spain was playing, after all it was 4 years ago, but yeah the Spaniards was being attacked ferociously hence I can see Iker fighting hard to protect his goal. Spain won that match but I think they lost the next one, nevertheless a crush was formed. Then the world cup was over, Brazil took the cup, again. And I forget all about Iker. I don’t even know which club he played. Fast forward to 2006. Spain makes it to the World Cupand I suddenly remember about that hottie Iker Casillas. I asked my husband, is Iker in the team? Yes, was the reply. So of course I have to watch the match. Luckily the match is on at 8pm our time. Had it been the later games, at 11 or 2 am I think I would have slept through, Iker or no Iker. The thing about fancying a goalie is that you don’t actually want to see him in close up at the games. Because if that happens, that means his goal is under attack and of course you don’t want him to lose. You want him to be able to defend his goal and deflect all those pesky shots aimed at your goal. However, because (part of) the reason you watch the game is to see the dude, its kinda hard not being able to see your idol in all their glory. Thankfully, Iker is also the captain so I get to see him in the beginning where they exchange banner and deciding sides. In all fairness yesterday game was a good game. Espana attacked Ukraina like there’s no tomorrow. And they didn’t lose steam from the beginning till the end they keep on trying to shot more goals. The Ukraine briefly visited the Spain’s side but more often it didn’t merit a close up of Iker. The wide shot was enough to see the ball deflected or miss the goal completely. In the end they won 4-0 against the Ukraine. I hope they keep winning the games all the way to the finals. Go Iker Casillas!