Ini stadium geda bangeet. Tinggi pulak. Kapasitasnya kecil dikit dari GBK, 80an ribu, masih mau direnov lagi jadi 90an ribu. Yang menarik lokasinya di tengah perumahan bagus – nggak ada yg demen ribut2 sepertinya. Eniwei, pas , masuk pertama kan liat dari tribun paling atas, trus tengah, trus bawah. Jadi dapet perspektif semuanya. Ya giling aja pas akhirnya di bawah trus melihat ke atas… sebagai penonton, sebagai pemain… pantes potensi lebaynya tinggi. The green Church! The sacred fields! Etc etc.
Tagline aja “Feel the Emotion” gw yg gak demen bola aja jadi agak merinding, blon yg pada pake kaos Emirates, nggak yg kecil nggak yg uzur pada super hepi tampangnya. Malah lebih hepi bapak2nya sepertinya.
Oya lapangannya super hijau! Keren banget rumputnya, Carlos dan Oyyoy pasti seneng banget gegulingan diditu.

⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ – with Ichwan at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

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L’s request every Saturday. Sound Hound proves its worth by settling argument over the band playing such as:

It’s Metallica!
No it’s not.
It is!
It’s not. Here look… it’s Avenged Sevenfold complete with lyrics.

Meanwhile, the other child doze peacefully oblivious to screeching guitars and deep drums.


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Those Who Live in Our Hearts

Sometime you know someone for years
and you still don’t know how to have a convo
beyond hello, how are you? Good? Great…

Sometime you know someone for years
and know each other so well
you can be quiet or rowdy, you’ll have a blast

Then you met someone
who made such a huge impression
that when their time is cut short
suddenly you’re left with a gaping hole
and you know not how to stitch it close

Oh life goes on
laundry not gonna clean itself
nor is dinner
would that they could

then you go somewhere
see something
immediately thinking, ooh need to tell.. oh yeah.. can not.

well dang, ain’t that just peachy
who’s cutting onions near me?

ok, moving along now

the problem with that gaping hole
no matter how good you are at sewing
you’ll never completely seal it
darn these microscopic holes!

and still, life goes on

sink or swim?

what you have to remember
life jackets and rafts are always available
seek and ye shall find

we’ll see each other anyway, eventually.

until then,

lebak bulus 170816