In terms of computer usage, it feels full circle. First computer I used way back when I was in elementary school was a Macintosh. Don’t ask which model, had no idea. But I remember learning Mac write, draw, played that shooting parachute games and endless amusement were had from typing Indonesian names and sentences to heard it being spoken with computer accented English.

Of course my Dad had to try the other system. It was so annoying having to remember those C: dir commands plus various function keys but still glad because at one point that’s what my high school computer class used too.

Then came a series of windows based laptops and notebook, used up about 3-4 Toshibas, until finally upon needing yet another one, is bequeathed a MacBook. And we’re back to Mac. Wahey !

Here’s hoping the VGA connector would work just fine tomorrow. Cheers SJ!

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