Inheriting Education

Humans by nature, are forgetful.  As soon as an info is deemed unimportant, we dismiss it from our brain. It’s there somewhere, but not foremost in our thought. Which is why, I believe sometimes things happens to remind us of certain stuff.

For me, what’s been going around me personally and somewhat touched upon in the news, is the importance of education. Both sets of grandparents have personally said to their kids, aka my parents, that in essence, the most important inheritance is that of education. Money can easily disappear, but once you got education, unless you’ve gone crazy, no one can take that away from you.

Truer words have never been spoken. On a much smaller scale, I’ve experienced how easy it is to lose money, to spend it like there’s no tomorrow then frets when the bill came. Luckily I have a guardian angel to bail me out. Not once, but twice! Then I vow never again! It is embarrassing to have to ask for money due to your own stupidity. I mean do I really need that extra pair of shoes?

On a much bigger scale, just take your pick of recent headlines. So many news about people and or institution lose money. Sadly, it also happened around me. To people I never thought it could or would happen. When pondered upon, well, lack of education seems to be the root of it. Whether academical or school of life, it doesn’t matter. If you lack one sometimes it can be made up by a surplus of the other. Lacking both… then you’re kinda doomed aren’t you.

I’m raising my glass to both grandparents for their wisdom that they impart to their children, and in turn, to me. May your principles set your offspring well!


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