Gambling on Ideas


keep on shining light!

A friend once remarked that she’s having trouble writing. Bogged for ideas? No, she said. Just the opposite. She has too many ideas she doesn’t know which one to write first. Well then, I said, why don’t you write each of the ideas down on a piece of paper, fold it, put it in a box then shake it, pull one paper out then write whatever is in that particular piece of paper. Aha! she said.

I don’t actually know whether she followed my advice, which is not mine sad to say, but is actually given to me by Michael, my high school teacher, when I was asking him for some teaching advice. I was asking about tips to enliven a class and this is one of a few that he suggested. (I wonder what he thinks, when the student he used to teach are now old enough to have students of her own) Then of course my writing class is pulled out before I can put it into practice but I have since adapted the idea box tip for other classes and it does liven up the classroom.

There’s nothing quite like playing god 😉 when you got dozens of eyes looking at you knowing full well that their fate for that particular assignment rested on one of those tiny piece of paper in the box (or sometimes, a dry glass) that are currently being shuffled. Moments from now, your name/group/number is gonna be called and you are about to find if you’ve drawn winners or losers! Ah the shrieks and the groans that ensues. Haha! 😀

Of course, not a moment too soon the whining starts. Miiiisssss….. can I chaaaangeeee??? You know, I’m pretty sure that ‘miss’ is a one syllable word. Either the rule have changed or my kids became Southerners overnight. Oh and the answer is one giant NO.

I actually did make an idea box with my daughter. She needs to work on her penmanship and was rather bored with copying chunks of texts off her books. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Why not have her work on her handwriting and writing skills at the same time?

It’s rather fun, cutting up the paper, talking about possible topics then find just the perfect box to put it all in. It worked for, oh, probably a week? Last time I checked there are still a fair few folded papers in her box. Oh well. At least her handwriting is getting better.

Now I think I may do my own idea box so that I’ve no excuse when staring at a blank computer screen. How about you?


Think this box is bog enough?



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