Changing Looks, Changing Directions

For whatever reasons I’ve been disconnected from myself for the last few months. I didn’t feel like writing anything. My commitment to write once-a-week slipped and completely gone towards the end of last year. Everytime I sat down to write something my mind wanders off and cleaning the house seems much more fun that writing. Bad bad case of mental block. Not sure why I got unmotivated like that.

I didn’t cancel my blog subscription though and while I was cleaning my inbox I notice their ever-present new themes notice. Intrigued, I click on one of them. Of course when you’re looking through themes you can’t just look at one, you just have to click on several, sent it to new tabs and pretty soon my screen is full of preview tabs. I poke through each one. Ping! Why not just change the theme? I like how my blog looks, it took me ages to find one that suits but it just seems so last year. The person who created that was this bubbly cheerful gal and now I feel darker, I just don’t feel like her right now.

Once I finally choose a theme – took me a good few days to settle upon one – I though of heck why not revamp it altogether? Why not have my cats grace the blog? After all it is called Metro Kitmom, time to put the kitties on display methinks! This of course requires editing some pics as in their original state itΒ is way too big. So I look for a free, legal, photo editing software – I don’t need much, just resizing and cropping – and poke through my library of Bebel’s Family photos and hey, I actually have an edited photo of all three cats together! This would be great for the background tile! I also toyed with the idea of having a photo header, but if I already use the cats as background I think header would be a bit overkill. In the end I just resized the Bebel Family photo and use that as tile background. Voila!

The tone is somewhat darker now. But strangely, it fits. Let’s hope this burst of enthusiasm will carry me through πŸ˜‰

Bebel Bella

Kitmom, don't be lazy, go write about me!


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