Opening my twitter on the way to work, someone tweeted, RIP Steve Jobs. I thought, what? Immediately scroll up thinking this has to be hoax, internet is full of celebrity death hoaxes. But then I saw LA Times, BBC, and all other major news outlet tweeted the same thing, I opened one of the link, there it posted a screenshot from, a photo of the great man with just his name and the year 1955-2011.

I felt like when Michael Jackson died. I don’t know him personally and yet I feel sad by the loss. My mind wander back to the first ever computer my dad brought home, an Apple Macintosh. Small, white, compact, and very easy to use. I watched my dad use it for a couple of days and soon I know how to operate it. After school I would go to the computer and play with it. I use it to play game, to type poems for my mom, to draw stuff, just basically exploring what a computer does. With that my interest with all things gadgetry born.

The next computer my dad brought home was a pc. Intriguing. Used to the ease of Mac, having to memorise codes like c:dir/, c: word, etc was annoying. Nevertheless, I look at it like a new toy. I memorise enough to be able to do necessary stuff, games & word. I didn’t and wasn’t really interested in going beyond it. My brother is the one that’s very interested in breaking it apart and putting it back together. Me, I just want to use it. If its acting up I yell for my brother to fix it.

Years go by, my school use mostly pc stuff so my dad also got pc’s to make my homework easier. Since I like gadgets, I always read the tech section in the magazines at home so I keep up with the news. I do know there’s a new Mac, tablet pc, notebook, etc. I wasn’t a Mac aficionado though. I use whatever my school at that time uses hence I became in love with Toshiba instead. Then I go to BU. My building is like an extension of Apple store. The candy coloured Mac line up the student lounge where we can check our email and browse to our hearts content. The computer rooms are all filled with Apple computers except for 1 room. If I want to print my essays at school I need to save it so it’s mac compatible. But if you step out of the COM building then it’s back to PC land. In the end I just bought a printer since I usually cut it pretty close to the deadline it makes no sense trying to print at school.

Apple to me became something that would be nice to own. If I have the pocket to match I probably would litter my home with apple products but I don’t. I like looking at the website, looking at the products thinking how cool it would be to own one of these. I eventually do own one. When they made iTunes compatible with PC that just does it ย I succumb to it. I purchased an iPod and put it with red cover. I joined the legions of iPod carrying bunch. Woohoo!

Turned out I’m not the only one in my house who’s coveting Apple product. ย Babeh’s best friends are diehard Apples. They’ve been trying to convert him into one and they finally succeed!!! ย He’s been wanting to replace his old notebookย and he finally replaced in with a MacBook Pro. Not only that, he also got me a brand new iPod Touch for my birthday. Yay! Now he’s pondering to complete the whole works ๐Ÿ˜‰

So there we go. Somehow Steve Jobs manage to weave his babies into our home. Even though I only own the smallest piece, I do look forward to see what he’s going to create next. I do admire him for having a vision and able to turn it into reality. That is one heck of a life lived.

Thank you mr. Jobs. You will be remembered. Much love.