Keeping Clean House ;)

I am fascinated with Style Network’s Clean House. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is so simple, a makeover team of host, designer, organiser, and handyman, go visit a very messy, cluttery house. The host work on the psychological aspect of why they become that way and the rest work on re-styling the house. They then have a yard sale, selling as much excess stuff as they could. The unsold stuff go to charity, the money raised from the sale goes to redecorating the house. Yep, it is another of those home makeover shows 🙂

I guess why this show struck a chord because I could easily be a contestant there. Left to my own devices I probably would, though luckily I do have some sort of mechanism that stops me from becoming a full blown hoarder. Any of my former housemates would attest that I’m in not a Martha Stewart wannabe. My modus operandi is to let clutter grow until a certain point. Then I deep clean. The neat moment would stay for about a couple of days, then the whole cycle starts again. I’m not actually that bad (yes you were!!! – I can hear you former roomies) in my defense, I know how to do laundry 😀 err… right. Solid gold defense there.

I think being neat is in the genes. Because my sister is total opposite and yet we grew up in the same household.  I’d like to say that I’m messy because we have maids, but that won’t fly with my sister. So the final explanation has gotta be my dad. He’s a pack rat. His study is just one mountain of papers. Mounds and mounds of it. The maids are probably my saviour. How? See, i got lazy because I’m used to having a maid cleaning after me. By the same token, I’m used to a certain standard of cleanliness in my house. There’s this switch that’ll go, ok this is too much, time to roll off your sleeve and get cleaning girl!

When we’re dating, I admit this fact to my then-boyfriend. Hubby thinks he’s neat. The thing is, hubby is neat when it comes to the outer stuff, ie.the living room and the bedroom, but his wardrobe? I’m amazed he can find anything there! So division of labor comes naturally when it comes to house chores. He does the heavy stuff, I do the lighter stuff.  Yay! Love you lots babe! 😀

Back to the show, I’m glad that it is on. It does inspire me to be neater, to let go of things. Watch enough episodes and soon you’ll declutter your home too. So here’s to Clean House, don’t clutter don’t hoard. Live!


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