Cerita Jumat : Kuis Kebahagiaan

‎Ini kuis mengandung hikmah yg baik sekali. Mohon ikuti dengan mengisi titik-titik yang ada pada kalimat di bawah ini. Jawabannya cukup disimpan dalam memori saja. Kuisnya:
1. Allah ciptakan tertawa dan…
2. Allah itu mematikan dan ….
3. Allah ciptakan lelaki dan ….
4. Allah memberikan kekayaan dan ….

Jawaban atas kuis itu pada umumnya adalah :
1. Menangis,
2. Menghidupkan,
3. Perempuan,
4. Kemiskinan.

Mari kita cocokkan jawaban tersebut dengan rangkaian ayat dalam QS Al-Najm [53]: 43-48:
43. … “Dialah yang menjadikan orang tertawa dan MENANGIS;”
44. … “Dialah yang mematikan dan meng-HIDUP-kan;”
45. … “Dialah yang menciptakan … “laki-laki dan PEREMPUAN;”
48. … “Dialah yang memberi kekayaan dan KECUKUPAN.”

Ternyata jawaban kita utk no 1-3, umumnya cocok dengan Al-Quran. Tapi, jawaban kita untuk no 4 umumnya tidak cocok. Jawaban versi Qur’an bukan “KEMISKINAN,” tapi… “KECUKUPAN.”

“Sesungguhnya Allah azza wajalla hanya memberi kekayaan dan kecukupan.”

Yang menciptakan kemiskinan adalah kita sendiri, manusia. Bisa karena ketidakadilan ekonomi, bisa juga karena rasa miskin itu kita bangun di dalam pikiran kita sendiri.

Ayo bangun rasa cukup di hati dan pikiran kita, agar kita menjadi hamba yang selalu BERSYUKUR

*Diceritakan ulang oleh ustadzah Lulung dan Sayyidah Djauhar*



Scrumptious Boys, Envious Gal ;)

Of all the injustice in the world, I can think of two things that are supposed to be a female thing but sometimes the boys just got it better, namely hair and make-up. Yep. Perhaps I’ve been watching way too many of Jerseylicious re-run. (Yes, I know Olivia, Tracy, et al are bona-fide girls, but why the drag get-up? Only God knows) But it just strike me as I’m stuck in traffic (well, this is Jakarta, we’re always stuck on traffic) some scenes of the past just suddenly fly by. Here’s 3 of them.

1. Back in the day, I once went to a metal/rock night at my uni with some friends. This being uni, there are plenty boys sporting long hair regardless of music orientation. But on this night all the long-haired boys seems to unite in mass head banging to score some bangin later… or maybe not. I’m just struck by the sight. Reminds me when I went to the zoo and saw the peacocks. Anyhoo, one of them got talking to me. Crisp red shirt, leather or tight dark jeans (it was over 10 years ago ok) and wonderfully luscious wavy honey coloured hair freshly smelled of flowery scented shampoo. Now, this is a boy we’re talking about. Got a sudden hair envy. I never could keep my hair longer past the shoulder. Always sprinted to the hairdresser to chop it off. And this boy got better hair than I do? The world is not fair.

2. Still back in the day, even further back as in high school, I once went out with Jou on a Saturday night outing. It was summer, the weather was warm, we didn’t feel like clubbing. So we just went to one of our favourite place in Regulierdwaarstraat to hang out. Responding to the weather, the cafe/bar/club pulls out some chairs and benches right outside. We sat on one of the benches and pretty soon got talking to friends, new and old. Suddenly we saw a rather familiar face among the crowd. He was kinda shocked to see us too. See, he’s a school friend but we’re on different cliques so it was a bit surprising to see. After the initial shock is over, we call him to sit with us. He graciously obliged. We hug, chat and I was staring at his eyes. No, not in oh-my-you’re-so- gorgeous-let’s-make-out but in bloody-he*l-how-come-your-make-up-is-better-than-me? Seriously. We’re what 17, 18 tops and yet his eye make-up is just sooo gorgeous. It really emphasise his eyes.  And no, it wasn’t thick at all! We’re used to him wearing colourful outfits to school, but this is the first time we saw him with make-up. I don’t think I could ever do my eyes like that. Even now. *sigh* The world IS not fair.

3. Just a few years back, I was minding my business waiting for my turn at the obgyn. I was alone and not feeling pretty. My stomach bulges, my feet were swollen, my clothes look like tents, when in came yet another wonderful head of hair. It was not very long, just about shoulder length, but it was very shiny like he just step out from a shampoo commercial. His wife has good hair too but the husband just got a better hair than all three of us. I’m thinking, daym! Where did he go to get like that? Seriously it was like a shampoo add. All shiny and lustrous. I must have been staring because he then turn around. I got to see his face (all this time I got his back which is how I can see how shiny it was) and then… well, he’s a famous person, a singer. No wonder his appearance is very well-kept. Somehow I then breathe a sigh of relief. He’s a singer, it makes sense. He gotta look good for his fans. Phew.

There is some justice in the world after all.


Sleeping Kitties

I don’t know why but looking at my cats sleeping always bring the ‘aww’  factor in me. I know they’re not my kids but it feels like watching babies sleep. So peaceful, so restful, you just can’t help but go, “Aww….” You just don’t want to disturb them sleeping. So you lower your voice, whispering even and in some cases, tiptoeing around them so not to rouse them awake. Browsing through my pics, I have a fair amount of my cat family sleeping. Here’s some of them. Enjoy 😀

The Wonderful Bebel Bella, the matriarch

Joyyo with one of his siblings. Unfortunately the sib doesn't want to move to the new house.

Nap Time

Calm between Joyyo and Lila



Keeping Clean House ;)

I am fascinated with Style Network’s Clean House. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is so simple, a makeover team of host, designer, organiser, and handyman, go visit a very messy, cluttery house. The host work on the psychological aspect of why they become that way and the rest work on re-styling the house. They then have a yard sale, selling as much excess stuff as they could. The unsold stuff go to charity, the money raised from the sale goes to redecorating the house. Yep, it is another of those home makeover shows 🙂

I guess why this show struck a chord because I could easily be a contestant there. Left to my own devices I probably would, though luckily I do have some sort of mechanism that stops me from becoming a full blown hoarder. Any of my former housemates would attest that I’m in not a Martha Stewart wannabe. My modus operandi is to let clutter grow until a certain point. Then I deep clean. The neat moment would stay for about a couple of days, then the whole cycle starts again. I’m not actually that bad (yes you were!!! – I can hear you former roomies) in my defense, I know how to do laundry 😀 err… right. Solid gold defense there.

I think being neat is in the genes. Because my sister is total opposite and yet we grew up in the same household.  I’d like to say that I’m messy because we have maids, but that won’t fly with my sister. So the final explanation has gotta be my dad. He’s a pack rat. His study is just one mountain of papers. Mounds and mounds of it. The maids are probably my saviour. How? See, i got lazy because I’m used to having a maid cleaning after me. By the same token, I’m used to a certain standard of cleanliness in my house. There’s this switch that’ll go, ok this is too much, time to roll off your sleeve and get cleaning girl!

When we’re dating, I admit this fact to my then-boyfriend. Hubby thinks he’s neat. The thing is, hubby is neat when it comes to the outer stuff, ie.the living room and the bedroom, but his wardrobe? I’m amazed he can find anything there! So division of labor comes naturally when it comes to house chores. He does the heavy stuff, I do the lighter stuff.  Yay! Love you lots babe! 😀

Back to the show, I’m glad that it is on. It does inspire me to be neater, to let go of things. Watch enough episodes and soon you’ll declutter your home too. So here’s to Clean House, don’t clutter don’t hoard. Live!

of classes, prep time, etc

I knew I’ve been lax with post-a-week thing. Just didn’t realise how severe the laziness was until I look at the number of entries. Less than 4 entries for the whole of August!!! Now that is quite serious fall from the wagon so to speak 😉

Not sure what hit me last month. Hormones gone a bit haywire, was holding a slight grudge and couldn’t quite shake it off. Bad me. Don’t copy it people. Then again I did have, for the first time, 3 different classes in the same semester. I have held few classes in a week but it usually were the same subject so I just need to do 1 prep for them. Now I need to do 3 different set of prep because they are different with different kids. And boy, that takes a lot of time. I just wanna zonked out once work is done. Didn’t really feel like writing anything else, especially after marking papers. I do need to sort out my time better though because the director just told me that I may have the same schedule for next semester. Eek!

However, now that this semester is winding down I think I finally got the hang of it. Earlier I always feel like I’m playing catch up with the classes. No sooner than one prep is done, the next one already waiting to be done with no rest in between. I probably said it before but I really have a higher appreciation for my high school teachers now. Not only do they have to teach everyday but at different levels as well. They really need to be paid much much better than what they are now. Sad how some people think teacher’s salary don’t matter. Anyway, that’s a topic on its own which I really don’t want to get into right now.

Of my tons of readers, if any of you are teachers, care to share any time management tips? I’d love to learn from your experience and would welcome any tips to be a better, more productive teacher 🙂

Have a good weekend!

The Bittersweet Eid

Back in the day, we Indonesians celebrated Eid on the same day, as it should be. It was and still is a joyous occasion where we celebrated the end of Ramadhan. Then, 1998 rolled around. Chaos. Reformation. Democratic resurrection. Weak leaders up till now. Corruption ran unchecked and everywhere. States becoming little kingdoms. Everyone wants to get rich quick , public service means the public service the elected politicians. Well ok, what does all this has to do with Eid? It means, we now celebrate in different ways. And it sucks!

Yes, free from authoritarian shackles, everyone thinks democratic means always having your own say and that your opinion is always right. Nobody cares about uniting the country. The country can go to the dumps. All anyone care is themselves, their family, then their ilks. Again, it sucks!

Now, the way Eid is decided here is by having a big meeting called isbat, where all the Islamic organisation gathers among with astronomers from the military, navy, all legitimate organisation that deals with navigation, astronomy, and the likes. Of all these elements, there’s 2 major religious organisation that likes to differ in opinion, the Muhammadiyah and NU. The former likes to use advancement of technology, the latter likes to use mathematics plus the human eye to determine dates. Nothing wrong with these methods. Each are backed with valid theories and hadith. What is wrong is that they sometimes differ and they can not or would not agree on the same date!

Let me make myself clear, I do not belong to any organisation. I don’t actually care how Eid is determined. I do not have any preference over any method of date calculation. I do not pledge allegiance to any of the religious organisation. My family is a nationalist, my grandparents are not in the history books but they damn well fought for the country against the Dutch and Japanese invasion. Therefore, it’s only natural that I am a card-carrying member of this one great nation called Indonesia. I pledge allegiance to this country – hey I pay tax (or rather, my dad and later, my husband does). I proudly carry the green passport with Garuda Eagle embossed on the cover on my travels abroad. I salute to the red and white flag. I fiercely defend it whenever and wherever. And so, is it any wonder I don’t think it is cool that we celebrate Eid on different days?

Yes, call me undemocratic, call me intolerant, but I say this before and I say it again, I think it sucks (boy, I really need to expand my vocabulary) that the powers that be cannot come into agreement over when we celebrate Eid.
Everyone keep saying, ooh respect differences, difference is beautiful. Well I say, bullsh*t to that. A UNITED country is beautiful. This is one instance where difference is NOT beautiful. Think about it. We’re all muslim. We all believe in the same God, prophets and holy book. We all fast during Ramadhan, we celebrate the same celebration, so how does it make sense to celebrate it on the same day? It is stupid! Ok, so, we’re huge country, some place might celebrate it differently, Australia is also split into two, some states celebrate it on Tuesday and the rest on Wednesday. But those who live on the same town celebrate it on the same day!

Here? Forget the town or cities. Even in the same household some people celebrate it on different days. And they are proud of it. They think it’s so cool, so democratic, so tolerant, so modern. Seriously? What were you smoking? Has the liberals brainwashed the masses into thinking that everything must be different? You’re not cool unless you’re different mate!

Send me back to the stone age, but seriously, the same family, in the same household, celebrating the same celebration on different days and nobody thinks that’s weird? Even Catholics and Protestants celebrated Christmas on the same day. And boy, you just need to google I.R.A. to see how bloody their disagreements get. I don’t think it’s cool. I don’t think it is a ‘rahmat’ that husband and wife, mother and father, siblings, differ in celebrating. A family in the same household should be united. They should be together. Likewise the religious organisations should put the unity of the country ahead of their own ego. By deciding to differ I don’t think they are being wise. I think they are being selfish, proud, and egoist. They think they are right and they don’t care about anyone else. Makes you wonder what’s the point of fasting during Ramadhan then? You’re not wiser. You’re just childish.

Yes yes your method may be right, your method may be the better one BUT, any technology is only as good as the person who made it. Any calculation is only as good as the brain provided. And human are prone to mistakes. Why do you think Allah gave us Ramadhan every single year?

Again, don’t think that I support a particular organisation over the other. I don’t. As I said, I’m a card-carrying member of neither. My blood is neither Muhammadiyah nor NU. My blood is Indonesian through and through. All I want is for all muslims in Indonesia or at the very least, in Jakarta and Jabotabek area to celebrate Eid on the same day. No more, no less.

Unfortunately I see to be the only one that wants that. The rest seems happy to be separated. I want us to be united. Not separated. Not divided. Together. That’s all. Until that happens, Eid would probably continues to be bittersweet for me. Hope that would change.