Saturday Morning Muffin

Fresh from the oven

As I was passing the dinner table I saw the bananas were getting very ripe. I also saw Ms Carla’s post about her baking the other day. Then my Quran teacher texted me saying he can’t make it this Saturday. Put all those together, I zoomed straight for the banana bread recipe is my trusty red plaid Better Homes and Garden cook book. A quick check in the pantry shows I don’t have the baking soda, but I do have baking powder. Flip another page and yes, I do have enough for banana muffin. Ok I could probably do with another banana and some nuts but hey, no biggie.I put aside all the dried stuff, clean out the tins so come Saturday morning I don’t have to search for them. Yay baking!

So Saturday morning. My maid eagerly assisted me in the kitchen. Well, she basically watched cuz making muffin is not the most complicated things in the world. As I was pouring the liquid mixture to the well I realised I made it using the direction for generic muffin instead of banana muffin. Oops! Too much milk! Oh well. Not much I can do but pressing on stirring the mixture together.

With a prayer I put the batter into the pan. Set the timer and hope it turned out well. Turned out I should’ve put more batter into the mold or maybe that’s because of too much milk; the muffin didn’t rise as much and it didn’t have that bready (is that even a word?) consistency. I was a bit deflated. Taste one. Edible, not that bad.  Babeh came home from golf just in time to taste the muffin. He took a bite. Ponders a bit and asked, “Banana?” Yep! Kakak came bouncing down the stairs, awaken by the smell. She took one look and start taking a huge bite. She likes it too! I do hope they don’t turn blue but so far they’re all ok 😉

What do you think?


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