The Two that I already have

Heard a wonderful news this morning, a dear friend is expecting her third child. Congratulations! So happy for her 🙂

Being pregnant certainly is a joyous thing. I’m lucky both pregnancies went off without a hitch save for an early scare during the first one but being mentally happy while receiving adequate healthcare works wonders. A bit of r&r, proper nourishment (over nourished some might say) and the first one was back on track in no time.

While I never pray for a specific child, Babeh used to get a feeling whether we’d have a daughter or a son. I just prayed for a healthy baby thus that’s how I got two perfectly formed, healthy babies. I guess I was a bit freaked out because the first thing I asked Babeh after the baby come out was if they have complete set of fingers, toes, is everything in the right place,nose, eyes, mouth, etc.

After I have both a boy and a girl, we’re quite happy. There were thoughts of having more but my thinking is that I would only have more babies if Babeh wants more kids. There’s nothing worse than an unwanted baby and I’d have none of that. I also believe that God knows what’s best for you. If God thinks I’m worthy of having more then nothing would prevent us from having another. However, I’m fully aware that even with just two kids I am already among the blessed ones. I have seen the angst some friends go through to have a baby. No complaints from me about that.

So there we have it. I’m very thankful for the two that I already have. I hope to raise them to be good, great people. All my love to you kids. Thank you for gracing my life with your presence.

*A, hope you have a safe, healthy, happy pregnancy 🙂 *


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