That First Night and First Morning

Humans are a creature of habit. After you’ve lived in a place for a while, you get used to the sounds, the lights, even the smell. When that is disturbed, it took a while to get adjusted to your new surroundings. It’s different with sleepover say like on holiday. You know on holidays that your ‘move’ is just temporary so you just shut your eyes and sleep. When it’s home it’s a bit different. This is where you’ll be spending the next chunk of your life, so yeah, the first night in a new house is always different.

As I was lying there, the tv makes familiar noises, sounds of newscasters, commercials breaks, these helps adjusting to new surroundings. But the outside noise, the low hum of the ac, the gentle noise of passing motorist, the smell, the amount of light one receives is all quite different. I tried absorbing them. This will be the sounds that will lull me to sleep from now on. It doesn’t get pitch black dark. The ac emits a sort of low night-light I can still see shades of my hands. It’s quiet too. I was giddy mostly from thinking, the dream is now reality!

The next morning…

Babeh woke me up as usual. There’s no question we’re in a new place. I felt giddy again. The first morning for the rest of our life! Ok I know I’m being repetitive but after dreaming about this for 9 years and finally see it happening, forgive me for being super excited and a bit high 😀 It just feels different to open your own window to breathe in that fresh morning air. I look into the garden, it looks inviting. I went downstairs, made a cup of tea then I decided to sit in the garden. How wonderful it was! To just sit and enjoy. We’re so blessed and so lucky. Hearing the passing motorist I had to chuckle. It feels just like being back in our apartment, back when we were newlyweds.  I take that as a good sign of things to come.

I turned to look into the living room. Oh boy. Tackling those boxes ain’t gonna be fun. But it just have to be done. The price for being able to sit in a small quiet garden. Yes, I’ll get through those boxes eventually. But for now, I just want to sit in this little corner, sip my morning tea and appreciate my new life.


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