On Teaching

When I first start teaching, I wanted to pass down knowledge so that it doesn’t stop with me. I also want to make sure the students understand so they would do well, pass their exam, graduated and move on to better and bigger things. What I didn’t realise is that in the course of doing these things somewhere along the way these students grow on me. I teach writing and when someone writes, even if what they wrote is academic paper, they left an imprint of them in their writing.

Perhaps because I taught non-fiction, often they reveal insight about themselves.  I’m not sure whether they realise it or not, but through their assignments, I get to know them a little better, their family, their friends and sometimes, their dreams. Some of their essays made me sad like when a student was writing about television, he was writing about how parents should spend more time with their kids so the kids would learn how to behave from them, not from tv shows. But there’s something about the way he wrote it that made me suspect that it’s based from experience. Some others made me chuckle, like when another student wrote an adoring profile about her father. She actually ends it by saying, “I love my father very much!” Aww… how can your heart not warms up?

And so, given that I’m privy to some of their thought it is no wonder they grow on me. It’s funny, after a while these kids starts to feel like my kids. I care about them, I want them to do well, I get to admonish them if they’re lazy (and they do get lazy, they’re college kids, not angels) but I don’t have to worry about them coming home late or feeding them daily. Great eh?

It really is funny considering you only meet them for what a couple semesters? You don’t raise these kids, they pass through your life briefly and yet they left an indelible mark on you. I totally didn’t expect that. Come graduation, my insides were bawling. Seeing them walking up that stage to receive their diplomas I clapped just as hard as their parents. Hugged some of them, took pictures and that’s it. You won’t see them again next semester.

Then holiday is over, you find yourself with a new class and start the whole process over again. Life eh? One thing for sure, I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I have much bigger appreciation for my own teachers. Thank you.

*Congrats K, the world is yours. Much love*


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