Moving House

The main agenda for my family this summer is to packed up and move from our rented house into our own house! Yes, our very own. We got a mortgage to prove it 😉

What I didn’t or in denial about is how effing chaotic moving is. Sure I move about in my youth but moving oneself from one student digs to another, which is just one room, is quite different to moving a whole house. Somehow I got moving amnesia since it was only 2 years ago we moved from our apartment to the rented house.

So anyway, for a whole weekend and the week afterwards the house resembles a warehouse. Boxes upon boxes everywhere. There’s no ready internet connection in the house so I haven’t been able to go online for about a fortnight and it was awful. More on that in another post tho.

Now, a lot of boxes have been unpacked. Majority of things have found their places, our cats have returned and resume fighting among themselves, in short things are gradually returning to normal.

I installed the internet yesterday so can start blogging again. Yipee! The house has really turning into a home and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you thank you thank you so much dear Allah. Alhamdulillah.


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