When Tropical Disease made a Visit

When I was newly married, nature decided to give us a wedding present in the form of DB or Dengue Fever. Yep. In just less than a month after the wedding. I didn’t know it was DB, at first I just thought it was cough and sore throat, then I thought it was a nasty flu, so I just go to the local md to get some meds. But after a while I still don’t get better and I was feeling very weak,  so weak that I didn’t have the energy to shower that we decided to go back to the doctor.

This time we go to my husband’s internist in the hospital. He saw me, actually to be honest I didn’t remember what he said anymore. At that point I was barely hearing what he was saying. So anyway, off we go to pay the bill. Now, I really was not feeling well, but I think my husband still thinks I was just being a big baby. I told him I want to sit down then proceed to sit on the floor. I distinctly remember telling him I just want to sit down. I wasn’t fainting, nor was I falling, but this being a hospital suddenly there’s a commotion of people and nurses screaming, “Oh my God! She’s fainting/falling!!!” I think I was still trying to defend myself saying, “No, I’m not. I just want to sit!” but of course nobody hears you.  A wheelchair suddenly materialise and the next thing I know I was carted to the emergency room and put on the bed.

Mind you, I did feel much better on the bed. All I wanted to do was rest. And they gave me rest. Took my blood too I think. And my hubby? I think he was panicked. His new wife is really ill. The nurse was asking him all sorts of questions. Questions he doesn’t know the answer to like do I have any allergy (remember we’ve been married for about a month, knowing your allergies aren’t top of our priorities 😉 fortunately, I can still hear (I didn’t faint, I was just tired) so I whispered my answers to got the appropriate wristband colour. He then sorted administration, got me a room and off we go. Being wheeled on a bed was certainly a new experience, not one I would like to repeat anytime soon. I think what was weirder was looking at my hospital bracelet and saw how long my name was. Now, I know my first and second name is rather long, 9 letters on the first and 8 on the second, but I didn’t think 17 letters would take up all the space in the bracelet. Upon closer inspection I notice the culprit. My husband’s name is added. Aha! No wonder. 23 letters do take up much space. Although to be honest my first thought was, what the heck is his name doing there? Oh yeah, we’re married. Duh.

We settled in the room. He got me a single room, thank God for insurance, and well the treatment begun. Good thing the doctor caught it early. I soon recovered and hope not to ever catch it again! Still, it doesn’t change the fact that we begin the second month of our marriage by… spending time in a hospital. Romantic eh?


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