Bye bye Red Tomato :(

Red Tomato is one of our favourite restaurant. The pizza was deliciously thin, the pasta yummy and their seafood soup is gorgeous. All of it is always very fresh. It is a bit pricey but we think it’s worth the quality. Sadly yesterday when we wanted to dine here we found that it has closed 😦 Perhaps we’re the only people who likes it.

Turned out I did have some pics of the menu. I don’t normally take pics of my food but I’m glad I took them. Here’s a selection of what we will miss.

This appetizer was yummy. stuffed mushroom I think.


My mom likes this. Fresh and quite light tasting for a salmon pasta


My children's favourite pepperoni pizza. Kakak is able to polished half of it when really hungry


I forgot whether this was fungi with chicken or meat. It was delicious for sure.

Bye Red Tomato. You’ll be missed.


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