The Glorious Dinner Date

I was feeling a bit melancholy and missing all these places when a friend asked where would I go for dinner if I could go anywhere in the world. Well, for me just dinner wouldn’t cut it. I need the whole 3 meals plus the 2 snacks in between 😉 This is what I came up with based from habits and experience.

For breakfast I would like to go back to Boston, US and have a lazy brunch at the  neighbourhood cafe when I used to live in Corey Road. It’s actually about a couple of blocks away, I’d have to cross Comm Ave and get to the other side. It’s a very unpretentious place but it’s almost always busy in the mornings. Prove that the food is quite good. Or maybe the student ghetto are just happy to get some warm food in their tummy.  I’d have omelette filled with feta cheese and spinach, plus potatoes, OJ and white coffee.  I go there with almost always with Bernardito;he’s the only one who woke up chirpy enough to go for breakfast. Sometimes the rest of the house, Ahad, Solivia and Juanan would come to. I enjoyed those moments. We don’t always got a chance to talk to each other beyond the good morning and good night so those Sunday morning were our chance to catch up. Now, my former roommates have disbanded, some go back to their countries, others still in the States but none live in the Corey Road flat anymore.  I’d like to bring my husband to recreate those relaxing morning.

Somewhere in West Java...

For lunch I’d like to go somewhere in West Java, where we can have a Sundanese lunch on a saung overlooking the rice fields and mountains. The menu would consist of fried and grilled Gurame, fresh vegetables, yummy sambal, tasty rice and fresh coconut water. My mom came from West Java, as such she prefers Sundanese food over others. Luckily my dad is also a fan. Growing up I’ve spent many lunches eating Sundanese food. We don’t always have it in the middle of a paddy field, actually more often than not we’d be in a restaurant in the city. But the food is the same. The argument over menu, the race for the fittest – I have 4 siblings so there were 6 of us fighting for the same fish. We still do even now actually. It’s fun 😀 I’d love to have this lunch with my own family so afterwards my kids can play in the field.

The sea is on the other side...

Then finally dinner with my big family, my parents, siblings, nephew and nieces. I think today I’d like to go to Jimbaran, Bali. Having fresh seafood while listening to the waves is just pure delight. There’s just something magical about having lobster on the beach… together with other hungry tourists. Something that’s actually very doable, just a logistical ‘nightmare’ to organise.

Phew! That would be a glorious day indeed 🙂

How about you? Where would you go?


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