Driving Miss Dessy

Dessy is one of my dearest friend and a big supporter of me driving. She always ‘preached’ the virtue of being able to drive in this city “Think about it, you’ll be independent, not depending on anyone. If there’s emergency you can take the kids to the ER in no time instead of having to wait for the taxi, etc etc… ” Which are all very true and I totally agree with her. But, have you seen the traffic here in Jakarta?  The Santa Monica freeway jam is nothing compare to the daily goings over here. Massive jams, crazy motorist, innocents buses who thinks they’re so small and slight they can just swerve in and out of lanes like an Olympic ice skater.

In theory I really like the idea of driving. In practice… well it depends. Back in LA it was loads of fun. I even get to drive to San Fransisco on my own! I really did! I also went to San Diego and Visalia; I have a cousin in the former and my roommate came from the latter.  Oh and I also drive to Disney and spend a fabulous birthday there too!

So when the registration for the car finally over, got the license plate, etc, Dessy was the first one to show up at my house and demanded to be driven by me. She has lots of guts! Besides my family, everyone else were giving me polite smiles while thinking up excuses how to escape being my tutor. But not ms Dessy, she practice what she preached. Yay for her! And I am very grateful for that.

Ms Dessy wasn’t a native of Jakarta like I am, so this city is new to her too. Yet she managed to ‘conquer’ the streets and happily zipping through it everyday in her nifty little compact. She taught me tricks of driving in little lanes, “Remember, the other car doesn’t want to get hit by you so they will adjust.” Or, “The roads are crap over here so it’s better to go a bit to the right rather than the left. You don’t want to hit the pedestrians.” And finally, “Motorist are annoying. Just get used to it.” But it’s true tho. She told me about her early days of driving, how once she was minding her own business, queueing for the green light when suddenly her car was hit by idiotic motor cyclist and all sorts of tales from the road.

I’m still not as brave as her. I have yet to drive beyond my immediate neighbourhood. Heck I haven’t even been able to go to my second home aka the local mall, on my own. But thanks to her encouragement,  I can go to my weekly Quran study classes on my own. I’m also able to drop and pick my children from school now. Uh, correction, I can go to my daughter’s school. I still need to work up the courage to go to my son’s kindergarten. The streets are narrower there.  But anyway, now that school is out, the streets are somewhat emptier so the next few weeks are good time for me to practice driving some more. My target is to be able to go to the mall, my parents and siblings house, plus the hospital and the Pediatric clinic all on my own. And to ms Dessy’s house too of course. As usual, wish me luck!

Thank you ms Dessy, I hope you’re not afraid to ride with me in the driver’s seat. Here’s to going to your house at some point this July 😉


Cerita Jumat : Mudahnya Bersedekah

Oleh Drs. H.A. Hasan Ridwan, M.Ag.

Sedekah adalah pemberian dari seorang Muslim secara sukarela dan ikhlas tanpa dibatasi waktu dan jumlah (haul dan nishab) sebagai kebaikan dengan mengharap rida Allah. Dari segi bentuknya, sedekah sesungguhnya tidak dibatasi dalam bentuk uang, tetapi sejumlah amal kebaikan yang dilakukan seorang Muslim, termasuk sedekah.

Hadis dari Abu Musa r.a. berkata bahwa nabi saw. bersabda, ”Tiap Muslim wajib bersedekah.” Sahabat bertanya, ”Jika tidak dapat?” Nabi menjawab, ”Bekerjalah dengan tangannya yang berguna bagi dirinya dan ia dapat bersedekah.” Sahabat bertanya lagi, ”Jika tidak dapat,” jawab Nabi, ”Membantu orang yang sangat membutuhkan.” Sahabat bertanya lagi, ”Jika tidak dapat?” Jawab Nabi, ”Menganjurkan kebaikan..” Sahabat bertanya lagi, ”Jika tidak dapat?” Nabi menjawab, ”Menahan diri dari kejahatan, maka itu sedekah untuk dirinya sendiri.”

Hadis tersebut menggambarkan 4 tingkatan dalam bersedekah.

Pertama, bekerja dan berusaha dengan kemampuannya sehingga ia mendapat keuntungan dan dari keuntungan itu ia dapat bersedekah. Keutamaan seorang Muslim jika ia bekerja dengan tekun penuh keikhlasan, ia akan kuat secara ekonomi yang dipandang oleh Allah lebih baik dan lebih dicintai. Kepada Muslim yang diberi rezeki oleh Allah kemudian ia menyedekahkannya di jalan Allah kita patut meneladaninya.

Hadis dari Abdullah bin Mas’ud riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim, bahwa Rasulullah bersabda, tidak ada iri hati yang diperbolehkan, selain terhadap dua hal, yaitu, terhadap seorang Muslim yang dianugerahi harta benda dari Allah, lalu tergeraklah hatinya untuk menghabiskannya menurut jalan yang hak dan terhadap seorang Muslim yang telah diberi ilmu yang bermanfaat oleh Allah, lalu ia menggunakannya untuk mengadili manusia dan mengajarkannya.”

Kedua, membantu orang yang sangat butuh bantuan. Sangat dianjurkan sebagai salah satu bentuk kepedulian kemanusiaan.

Allah berfirman dalam surat Al-Baqarah ayat 280, ”Dan jika orang yang berutang itu dalam kesukaran, maka berilah tangguh sampai dia memiliki kelapangan dan kemampuan. Dan bersedekahlah sebagian atau seluruh piutangnya itu lebih baik bagimu jika kamu betul-betul tahu.”

Ketiga, menyuruh kepada kebaikan. Kebaikan yang dilakukan oleh seseorang karena perintah dari seorang Muslim akan menjadi sedekah karena siapa yang menunjukkan kepada kebaikan, maka seolah-olah ia melakukan kebaikan sebagaimana seseorang melakukan kebaikan.

Keempat, menahan diri dari perbuatan yang buruk yang dapat menjerumuskan seseorang pada kezaliman sebagai bentuk sedekah, karena menahan diri adalah sikap yang cukup sulit untuk dilakukan dan hanya orang yang sudah terlatih saja yang akan mampu menahan diri dari segala bentuk kejelekan. Sedangkan latihan menahan diri hanya dapat dilakukan oleh orang yang sedang berpuasa.

Dari penjelasan hadis di atas, sedekah tidak mesti dengan hanya mengeluarkan sejumlah materi atau uang, tetapi semua amal kebajikan yang dilakukan seorang Muslim, seperti menciptakan kebersihan lingkungan, bersikap santun, memberikan pendidikan agama kepada anak dan istri dan bahkan memberikan senyuman pun adalah sedekah (H.R. Baihaqi).

*terima kasih atas sharingnya kak Moenk*

Hash, High School, Het Museum

Flag of Amsterdam. The official city motto is ...

Flag of Amsterdam Image via Wikipedia

When people find out that I finished my high school in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they usually thought it’s cool. Some though get all glazzy eyed and thought OMG, did you smoke like, pot, like everyday? Err… Well, while one of my classmate did give an impromptu lesson on how to roll a joint tobacco filled ciggarette paper in the school lounge, I never actually try them. The glazzy eyed crew were not impressed. So, what did I do in high school?

Not getting high every weekend that’s for sure.  I was so naïve or idiotic -probably the latter- I didn’t even realise what weeds smells like until Jou pointed it out to me during one of our many excursion to the Dam. There we were, Luci, me and Jou, my hs crew,  pondering whether we should get a tattoo, where and what when he suddenly sniffed the air and remarked ever so casually,

“Dang, it smells so strong today!”

then Luci concurs “Yeah it does doesn’t it?”

“Smells what? It always smells like this,” said the resident idiot

“Doh! Its the red light district. Coffee shops, space brownie?” asked Jou

“You mean hash?”

“Ding ding ding! Hello! Where have you been? You do live here don’t you?”

“Well… I just didn’t realise what it was. I just thought this area smells funny…”

“What do you think it is?”

“The dirty canal?”

I think Luci just laughed and Jou gave me the biggest eye roll ever known to mankind. And this all happened in broad daylight I might add. So no we weren’t under any kind of influence, except maybe all those tertier hand weed smoke/space brownie baking smoke inhaling. Hmm.. come to think of it, that’s probably why I’m slightly kookie.

So yeah, it is safe to say I also didn’t partake in any drunken debauchery in high school. What I did do is exploring the museum and music. Suffice to say that the Dutch has their share of great arts. Rijksmuseum is truly an amazing museum. The Doll House by far is my favourite part. So back in the 18th century, the hot item of the day is to own a Doll House which was a replica of their house and it would show you’re rich enough to spend money on ‘frivolous’ things. One such lady (or her family) donated her doll house to the Rijksmuseum.  I just love to stand there imagining the woman – it was a woman’s thing, not a little girl- who used to owned that doll house. Would she let the daughters play with it? Or did she, when no one is looking, play like a little girl that she once was? Then, as it is an accurate copy of what a house looks like at that time, I started imagining what would it feel like living in a house like that? Would I like it? How does it feel to have two doors? One for the servant and one for you? Must be interesting.

I would go to the museums with Sarah. She’s just so smart it was interesting to see her take on things we see. We’d have lunch afterwards, a slice of pizza with a glass of cool soda in Leidseplein. But Sarah wasn’t just my museum buddy, she’s also my music buddy. Well, not together because we played different instrument, she plays(ed?) flute and I do vocals. But we’d perform on the same events. One that I still remember is when our school entered a music festival/competition that was held in the International School in the Hague. There were a bunch of us, we actually go on a bus to get there, there were kids who played the piano, flute, and some other instruments. I was in the choir, I think we performed the little fawn song and one other I can’t remember. For a brief moment we felt like musician traveling from city to city to perform a show. We were supposed to watch other people’s performance and learn from them but since we were the only ones there from our school we ended up just going to each other performances for support. We both got blue ribbons! Happy!

This was also where I truly understand the meaning of a stage persona. How, when one steps onto a stage you can transform into whatever character that you’re inhabiting for that moment and if you’re good, you shines. See, they invite some the jury deems the best to perform at the end of the day. There’s this one boy who got to sing. What he sang I don’t remember, but I do remember watching him sing on that stage wearing just normal clothes but he looks totally amazing. He belted his heart out and he just has this aura – I can’t take my eyes off him. Then, a very funny thing happened. Whole thing over, speech etc presented, we filed out the hall trying to locate friends and the right bus. And I saw him. And he looks? Just normal. Just your average high school boy leaning towards geek chic. I was so surprised. Was this the same guy that was on stage just moments ago? Pretty much crushed my hopes of ever marrying an actor someday. They just look dashing on-screen (which was confirmed as I worked on television later on and met actors but I digress)

And that’s what I did in high school. Choir, vocal lessons, making up songs with Mel and her guitar, getting Haagen-Dazs with Mel, watching loads of movies with Kath, Luci and Jou, checking out the American bookstore with Kath, tramsurfing (have you ever done it? Highly recommended), and of course, dancing the night away. You can not really life in Amsterdam as a youngster and not check out the nightlife. The tourist club, the interesting places, places only locals know… out when the sun still shining and home when the sun is back again and not because the sun never drops 😉 Just where did I have the energy? Ah youth!

A thought just suddenly pops into my head. Would Mel ever take me on her bike through A’dam little straaten again? Most probably not, since the last time we did we almost went into the canal. Ah no, that wasn’t with Mel, that was with Helene. Ah well. I prefer walking instead of biking around there anyway.

Drive bebe, drive.

Like many teens, I waited feverishly for the day when I would be allowed to sit behind some wheels, i.e. drive. As luck would have it, by the time I was 18, which was the legal age to drive here in Indonesia, I was studying in the UK. In my university city I live on campus for the whole 3 years I was there so of course my dad, wise and sane man that he is, did not see the point in allowing me my own car. Not to mention one has to go through a very rigorous test to be able to drive in the UK.

Well then, what about summer? Yes, I went back home during summer holidays. The first thing I do is to enroll in a driving school learning how to drive manually. So I go through learning how to shift gears and learn to park. Not sure if I master parallel parking though. Then I took the test, passed with flying colours and start driving. At that time what’s available  was this huge family sedan. It looked huge to my 18 yr old self. I didn’t crash into anything. Thank God. But I did got a ticket. How the hell am I supposed to see the sign since it was obscured by tree leaves? Regardless it left a bitter taste and I was only too happy to let my sister drive me around and took taxis for the rest of the holiday.

Fast forward a couple of years, I suddenly find myself living in California. To prepare for living in Lala Land, a driving license is a must. Luckily this time my friend’s home town was Visalia, CA. I learn to drive automatic this time. Took my test in Tulare, again I passed with flying colour in both theoretical and practical test. One piece of advice I got from Jen, when it doubt, go to the truck’s lane. They won’t go very fast. Was very nervous the very first time I drive on a highway. I prayed the whole way from Visalia to Burbank. Managed to got into our rental home in one piece. Thank gawd.

In LA, there’s no way around it. I had to drive around. To get to work, to play, etc. So every morning I brace myself to strap on my safety belt, turn on the ignition and off I go. But you know what, after a while I became comfortable. Yes I get lost every now and then but thanks to google maps direction and that ever-present LA maps plus and AAA card I zip here and there like I was born with wheels. My biggest achievement was when I go to San Diego to visit my cousin and to SF for fun. I drive there alone and I make it back, again in one piece. One  literal dent in the whole experience was when I was hit by a car upon entering the freeway. I was in a hurry and I already give the signal but somehow the other car manage to ‘kiss’ the rear end. I spun the whole length of the freeway, it was 3 lane wide. It must not have been my time yet because as I spun I remember thinking oh dear God please let the lanes be empty and it was!!! I was safe, shaken but unhurt.

All good times must come to an end. As I was wrapping up my time in LA, Jen remarked how I will not miss the LA traffic. I remember chuckling saying actually I will miss LA traffic since it is still a whole lot better than Jakarta‘s. Couple days later I’m home. Jet lag over, I tried driving. And of course what’s available is either a big SUV type family van or a serie 5 Beemer. All huge cars compared to my teeny tiny 2 door Toyota. First I had to adjust to a different side of driving. Though the Dutch occupied us for 3.5 century, the Brits were here first and somehow their side of the road preference stuck. Then, Jakarta’s traffic is really crazy what with motorcycles everywhere and crazy bus drivers. I was so not enjoying it. So different from LA and its huuugeee freeways. Heck even in New Jersey the roads were bigger.

I then scratched my husband’s car. He didn’t like it. So I cease driving. In his defense, he then provided me with a driver. So much easier to get mad at the driver than the wife if the car got dings and dents. For a few blissful years I don’t have to worry about anything. Just get in the car, tell the driver where to go, then sit prettily until I arrived at the destination. I can read, eat, sleep, do whatever I want. Until now.

So far we’ve lived pretty much near the city. But very soon we will move into the suburb. Yes, we still have the driver but my husband thinks it is high time we have a second car so we would be more mobile. Due to budgetary restraint, he ended up buying a small compact city car. How much bigger can a hint be? Yo wifey, learn to drive. Again.

Well, I guess I have to overcome my fear of the streets and conquer it. Cross fingers I’ll be ok 😉

How about you? Do you drive? What tips would you give?

One Sunny Sunday with Joyyo

My cats, like any other cats, like to doze off under the sun. However there’s this spot in the front ‘yard’ (it’s so tiny it doesn’t feel like a yard) that Joyyo likes most. He likes to doze off there more so than his siblings. But of course every now and then they would join him for a grooming fest. One of my friend likes Joyyo so much that she nicknamed him Prince Joyyo. Well, he does love his camera…

Nothing beats dozing of on those stones. Ika calls that my cats’ stone massage therapy pot.  They really like it. I have amassed quite a number of Joyyo on the stone pot in various sleep poses. These were taken last Sunday, so it is only appropriate to present this for Sunday viewing  😀

His solitude is broken. His siblings want some hot stone therapy too.  The top cat is Lila, the little one we often called Joyyo 2.0 due to his remarkable similarity to his older bro.

Well now the whole gang is here minus Bella, their mother. All 4 are siblings. They have the same mom, though only God knows who their father is 😉

Even the sunniest Sunday must end. Must be tiring to look cute all the time. Have a good sleep Joyyo and Lilla 🙂 How’s your Sunday?

When Tropical Disease made a Visit

When I was newly married, nature decided to give us a wedding present in the form of DB or Dengue Fever. Yep. In just less than a month after the wedding. I didn’t know it was DB, at first I just thought it was cough and sore throat, then I thought it was a nasty flu, so I just go to the local md to get some meds. But after a while I still don’t get better and I was feeling very weak,  so weak that I didn’t have the energy to shower that we decided to go back to the doctor.

This time we go to my husband’s internist in the hospital. He saw me, actually to be honest I didn’t remember what he said anymore. At that point I was barely hearing what he was saying. So anyway, off we go to pay the bill. Now, I really was not feeling well, but I think my husband still thinks I was just being a big baby. I told him I want to sit down then proceed to sit on the floor. I distinctly remember telling him I just want to sit down. I wasn’t fainting, nor was I falling, but this being a hospital suddenly there’s a commotion of people and nurses screaming, “Oh my God! She’s fainting/falling!!!” I think I was still trying to defend myself saying, “No, I’m not. I just want to sit!” but of course nobody hears you.  A wheelchair suddenly materialise and the next thing I know I was carted to the emergency room and put on the bed.

Mind you, I did feel much better on the bed. All I wanted to do was rest. And they gave me rest. Took my blood too I think. And my hubby? I think he was panicked. His new wife is really ill. The nurse was asking him all sorts of questions. Questions he doesn’t know the answer to like do I have any allergy (remember we’ve been married for about a month, knowing your allergies aren’t top of our priorities 😉 fortunately, I can still hear (I didn’t faint, I was just tired) so I whispered my answers to got the appropriate wristband colour. He then sorted administration, got me a room and off we go. Being wheeled on a bed was certainly a new experience, not one I would like to repeat anytime soon. I think what was weirder was looking at my hospital bracelet and saw how long my name was. Now, I know my first and second name is rather long, 9 letters on the first and 8 on the second, but I didn’t think 17 letters would take up all the space in the bracelet. Upon closer inspection I notice the culprit. My husband’s name is added. Aha! No wonder. 23 letters do take up much space. Although to be honest my first thought was, what the heck is his name doing there? Oh yeah, we’re married. Duh.

We settled in the room. He got me a single room, thank God for insurance, and well the treatment begun. Good thing the doctor caught it early. I soon recovered and hope not to ever catch it again! Still, it doesn’t change the fact that we begin the second month of our marriage by… spending time in a hospital. Romantic eh?

Cerita Jumat: Sepintas tentang Mencari Nafkah

Sobat, bg Anda yg menjd imam bg keluarga bersemangatlah mencari nafkah demi mencukupi kebutuhan keluarga. Amat berat tanggung jawab seorg suami yg menyia-nyiakan hidup keluarganya di akhirat kelak. Ketahuilah bhw stp suap nafkah yg diberi kpd keluarga akn menjd kebaikan bg kita.

Diriwayatkan dari Abu Mas’ud RA bahwa Rasulullah SAW. bersabda,
إِذَا أَنْفَقَ الرَّجُلُ عَلَى أَهْلِهِ نَفَقَةً وَهُوَ يَحْتَسِبُهَا كَانَتْ لَهُ صَدَقَةً
“Apabila seorang laki-laki menafkahi keluarganya dengan tulus karena mengharap ridha Allah, nafkah itu menjadi shadaqah untuknya.” (HR. Bukhari)

Bersemangatlah utk mencari nafkah, sobat! Lakukan itu karena Allah… Smg stp cucur keringat yg menetas demi mencari nafkah akn mendtgkan ampunan Allah Swt bt Anda.
Cintai keluarga dgn menafkahi mereka dgn nafkah yg halal!

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُ.

*diceritakan ulang oleh Lulung El Djauhar*

Bye bye Red Tomato :(

Red Tomato is one of our favourite restaurant. The pizza was deliciously thin, the pasta yummy and their seafood soup is gorgeous. All of it is always very fresh. It is a bit pricey but we think it’s worth the quality. Sadly yesterday when we wanted to dine here we found that it has closed 😦 Perhaps we’re the only people who likes it.

Turned out I did have some pics of the menu. I don’t normally take pics of my food but I’m glad I took them. Here’s a selection of what we will miss.

This appetizer was yummy. stuffed mushroom I think.


My mom likes this. Fresh and quite light tasting for a salmon pasta


My children's favourite pepperoni pizza. Kakak is able to polished half of it when really hungry


I forgot whether this was fungi with chicken or meat. It was delicious for sure.

Bye Red Tomato. You’ll be missed.

The Glorious Dinner Date

I was feeling a bit melancholy and missing all these places when a friend asked where would I go for dinner if I could go anywhere in the world. Well, for me just dinner wouldn’t cut it. I need the whole 3 meals plus the 2 snacks in between 😉 This is what I came up with based from habits and experience.

For breakfast I would like to go back to Boston, US and have a lazy brunch at the  neighbourhood cafe when I used to live in Corey Road. It’s actually about a couple of blocks away, I’d have to cross Comm Ave and get to the other side. It’s a very unpretentious place but it’s almost always busy in the mornings. Prove that the food is quite good. Or maybe the student ghetto are just happy to get some warm food in their tummy.  I’d have omelette filled with feta cheese and spinach, plus potatoes, OJ and white coffee.  I go there with almost always with Bernardito;he’s the only one who woke up chirpy enough to go for breakfast. Sometimes the rest of the house, Ahad, Solivia and Juanan would come to. I enjoyed those moments. We don’t always got a chance to talk to each other beyond the good morning and good night so those Sunday morning were our chance to catch up. Now, my former roommates have disbanded, some go back to their countries, others still in the States but none live in the Corey Road flat anymore.  I’d like to bring my husband to recreate those relaxing morning.

Somewhere in West Java...

For lunch I’d like to go somewhere in West Java, where we can have a Sundanese lunch on a saung overlooking the rice fields and mountains. The menu would consist of fried and grilled Gurame, fresh vegetables, yummy sambal, tasty rice and fresh coconut water. My mom came from West Java, as such she prefers Sundanese food over others. Luckily my dad is also a fan. Growing up I’ve spent many lunches eating Sundanese food. We don’t always have it in the middle of a paddy field, actually more often than not we’d be in a restaurant in the city. But the food is the same. The argument over menu, the race for the fittest – I have 4 siblings so there were 6 of us fighting for the same fish. We still do even now actually. It’s fun 😀 I’d love to have this lunch with my own family so afterwards my kids can play in the field.

The sea is on the other side...

Then finally dinner with my big family, my parents, siblings, nephew and nieces. I think today I’d like to go to Jimbaran, Bali. Having fresh seafood while listening to the waves is just pure delight. There’s just something magical about having lobster on the beach… together with other hungry tourists. Something that’s actually very doable, just a logistical ‘nightmare’ to organise.

Phew! That would be a glorious day indeed 🙂

How about you? Where would you go?

Kilas Balik Mengajar

Partners in Crime

Waktu kuliah dulu, saya harus mengambil satu mata kuliah yg menurut prof saya akan berguna kalau nanti kami mengajar. Pada waktu itu kita -saya dan seorang teman- sih cuma angguk2 aja. Mengajar? No way! Kami sekolah lagi bukan untuk jadi guru. Kami akan menjadi produser tivi yang paling top! Program kami akan ditonton masyarakat sedunia! Lebih terkenal dari Baywatch!!!

Setelah lulus, kami pun pulang. Dia ke Kuala Lumpur, saya ke Jakarta. Mulailah kami bekerja, di Astro TV dan RCTI, stasiun televisi yang top di negara masing-masing. Sungguh masa yang sangat menyenangkan, bisa terjun langsung, mengaplikasikan apa yang selama ini hanya kami pelajari. Pertama kali melihat nama terpampang di layar kaca oh rasanya! Senaaang tak terkira 😀

Namun hidup tak selamanya berjalan sesuai rencana. Pada satu titik saya harus memilih, bekerja atau berhenti. Tak ada jalan tengah di produksi. Sedih, senang, kecewa, kesal, semua campur aduk. Tidak ada yang perlu disesali, namun jujur saja, kadang terpikir ah pastilah saya sudah menjadi ini dan itu kalau jalan lain yang saya pilih.

Meskipun demikian, saya berusaha untuk menjaga hubungan dengan industri yang saya tinggalkan. Kita tidak pernah tau apa yang akan terjadi kan? Benarlah, suatu hari datang telepon singkatnya mencari trainer di bidang media, tertarikkah?

Melalui persiapan dan degdegan, kelas pertama pun hadir. Rasanya gak karuan. Untung ditemani dua sahabat yang sudah berpengalaman mengajar. Dan berjalanlah kelas itu sampai selesai.

Ah profesorku benar sekali. Mengajar memang suatu pilihan yg layak untuk dipertimbangkan. Mungkin tidak se’glamour’ bekerja di industri tapi ada kepuasan lain. Nama saya tidak terpampang di layar kaca, tapi saya memberikan sesuatu yang baru bagi murid-muridku. Ilmu baru yang semoga berguna untuk mereka nantinya. Seperti yang dilakukan oleh para guru2ku dahulu.

Tol JORR 5/2/10
Prof. Murray-Brown, forever indebted to you. Thank you. xxx