Have Fun in Singapore Gals!

About 6 months ago a friend wanted to go to Singapore for her birthday and would like to bring some friends along. After checking with babeh, permission granted, I was excited at the prospect of a girls only trip. Already I’m imagining how fun it would be to traipse around Orchard, hanging out, marvelling at this little neatness of Singapore for the tourists. Yay!

As fate would have it, when my friend was booking the ticket, my reservation and that of another friend didn’t come through. There were some panicky moments where we tried to salvage the situation but in the end I couldn’t go. Drat. Foiled!

I was disappointed because I really wanted to go but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I got busy with life, forgot about it, until the holiday party sent some pics of them in the airport. It would’ve been fun. But I had other things to occupy me. My class, work (tons of marking to do, my daughter school play, etc. So its not like I’m sitting home doing nothing. Babeh also has to go on a business trip so if I go, my children would need to stay somewhere – not sure with who as everyone else is also busy. My mom is cool for couple hours of babysitting but not for couple of days since she has her own work too. On the financial side I couldn’t really afford it since we’re moving thus need to focus our budget on decorating our house. Fixing the living room takes priority to holidays. This is just as fun so yay to that too!

I’m a big believer in nothing happens without a reason. I might not see it immediately but at some point it will became clear. So all in all, Allah do knows best. Looking at their pictures I do feel a twinge of jealousy but that’s ok. I know here at home is where I’m supposed to be right now. But the Guy upstairs is not without a sense of humour. You know where He sends my hubby to? Yep, my hubby’s business trip is indeed in Singapore! πŸ˜€


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