Oh Those Camera Dads

When it comes to cameras, most moms don’t really care as long as the camera takes good pics of their children then they’re happy. The dads however, now that’s interesting.

Now that I’ve observed several school events, there 2 camp of dads. One camp don’t care about it happily snapping away with their cameras, and then there’s the photo journos wannabes. These dads would come to a school event carrying huge camera bags, which would carry at least 2 lens to go with their DSLR’s. Sometimes they’ll jostle with the pocket cam dads, but often they just stay in their chair cuz they can use their powerful zoom lens to take pics of their kids just from where they are sitting. Oh there’s a third camp, the video dads. Now, video dads usually use general consumer video cam, I’ve yet to see a dad using a procam for their kids kindergarten events. Sometimes they stay in their chair, other times they’ll stand in front for the whole duration of the show. They don’t jostle, they’re calm… Until you walk in front of them. Then they give you a scowl. How dare you block my child!

Ah dads. On school shows they’re amusing. Unchecked, they can be annoying especially those who hog the spot in front of the stage. Yo! I want to see my child too!

Anyway it wouldn’t be school shows without all the hustle and bustle. Just don’t forget to take pics of my cute and wonderful child ok! 😉


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