What’s the point of it being edible?

And just like that she managed to make me feel like a madam trying to teach her juniors new tricks and feel old at the same time.

Ok let me backtrack a little.

So, whenever a bunch of married women get together pretty regularly to have a gab fest at some point somewhere eventually our conversation is going to be peppered with some boudoir talks. Nothing truly graphic, just bordering on raunchy just to spice things up a bit. Since all the married women in this particular group been married for over a year and have at least one kid, safe to say we’re all somewhat experienced in that area. Maybe not as extensive as Belle du Jour or any of the SATC girls but experienced nonetheless. But, apparently I was mistaken.

When one of my friend, a young sweet gal, let’s just call her Sally, doesn’t realise what roleplay is I should have realised that Sally is perhaps a little young and not as ‘corrupted’ as the rest of us rowdy hens. She couldn’t get certain jokes and couldn’t connect the dots at others. Sometimes her comments are funnier than the jokes itself. Ok that sounds kinda cruel, but she’s just so earnest. Sometimes her comments sounds like innuendo that I just couldn’t resist reciprocating and then found out that Sally really wasn’t making one and that she still has a childlike mind. Like edible paint for example.

I wanted to laugh at that one. I never thought explaining what edible paint is should take more than 1 simple sentence. Yet we had a whole conversation about it. I nearly fell off the chair. I’m this close into launching into graphic detail about the usage of edible paint. Thank gawd I was spared πŸ˜€

No, Sally is not stupid, she’s actually really smart, she just never read Cosmo so it seems. Well, just give her time. She’ll get older and if she continues hanging out with us she’ll get rowdy too I’m sure.

Tee heee πŸ˜‰


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