Do all men wants more than 1 wife?

Earlier today I was having a rather heated debate with a friend. Apparently her husband said that all men wanted to have a few wifes. The only thing stopping most men is money but if they have unlimited bank account then for sure they’ll get married again.

I said that that’s not true citing that both my dad and my brother don’t fancy the idea of having more than 1 wife. They might look and perhaps fantasise about other women but to actually marry one that’s a different thing altogether. True my dad has on occasion teased my mom about it, but I doubt he wants it and my dad certainly can afford it should he wish so. My friend thinks the fact that my dad even joked about it show the truth about his subconsiousness.

I must admit both of us have a hard time following each other’s thought. Yes my dad watches Melrose Place, yes he thinks Heather Locklear is hot but I really don’t think he fantasise about marrying her. Whereas my friend’s argument is because to sex outside marriage is forbidden, therefore when men lust after a women then they want to marry them so they can sleep with them.

I dunno, maybe all men secretly want to marry lots of women. They just don’t want to admit it to avoid upsetting their loved ones. Maybe I’m just being pedantic when I said just because men may lust after a hot babe doesn’t necessarily means they wanna marry ’em.

In the end we just drop the subject since its very clear neither would budge. So if you’re male and you are reading this tell me, it it true? Do you secretly want a few wives?


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