Things I Discovered During Cardio

1. Male models are generally buffed with 6 packs abs.

2. Most female models looks like they haven’t eaten in weeks and can hardly be called sexy when their pelvic bones are jutting out, except for Victoria Secret’s models.

3. Watching model’s bio is like preparing for a Trivial Pursuit game eg. What’s the capital of Austria? Vienna!

4. Britney S, Shakira and Beyonce’s latest video clips are disappointing for their lack of creativity. Girls, do you really still need to wiggle your butt in near naked costumes?

5. Music video clip decision maker must be still pimply teenaged boys that get overexcited but whose parents refused to subscribed to skinemax and playboy channels.

6. American football players look like little robots on the field.

7. Real football players looks amazingly sexy on the field. (Oh you gorgeous gorgeous Iker!)

8. Both play in any kind of weather, drizzling rain or heavy snow, but the footie players still looks better and more masculine.

9. Baseball is much more interesting when you watch it live on the field rather than on tv. (aaah… Nomar in his splendid Red Sox uniform!!!)

10. Tennis players and runners have the best figures, both male and female.

11. Lady Gaga’s costume is like geometry lesson for pubescent males. So, who can tell me what a triangle looks like?

12. Lady Gaga is actually quite pretty.

13. I really don’t like the gym rats. They’re loud and annoying.

14. My gym needs to sack its current musical director as they play really crappy music.

15. I need to invest in an iPod so as not to listen to said crappiness.

16. Running is more enjoyable when watching a series.

17. As luck would have it, the moment I have an iPod, they don’t show tv series anymore.

18. I still don’t enjoy running.

19. … but I do like the feeling after a proper cardio session.


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