Het Lijn 5

You are my best pal
every morning and
every afternoon

You’d be there
every day
without fail
whether I’m late
or early

Schooldays or weekends
whenever I need you
you’re there

Sometimes you make me wait
Sometimes, despite my best effort,
you left without me but,
you’ll always come back for me

Very rarely you disappoint me.
I’d truly be lost without you

I wish I can pack you up
and take you home
But alas!
That’s just wishful thinking

And so my dear lijn 5
here I am
stuck in traffic jam

Wish you’re here
so we can play that silly game
that Luci and Jou invented
the highly amusing
highly entertaining
Tram Surfing!

To your wellbeing and prosperity
May we ride again one day.

Until then.

*Jkt morning traffic 140311*


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