Michael Jackson.

Like most kids in the 80’s, I too was caught up in Michael Jackson Mania. My Thriller tape is chewed due being played so many times and we all tried the moonwalk.

Just so happens my parents took a trip stateside so of course I requested all things MJ. My mother deliver magazines and a poster wall of MJ at his most good looking face IMHO with just the nose done. Such talents and charisma.

As years go by, new players streams in and out of my consciousness. But somehow MJ made a spot on my permanent playlist. I watched his videos, tried to learn the dance routines (without much success I must add) and is a welcoming presence in new towns I have to live in. While I must navigate new places, make new friends, which is never an easy thing to do . Just as I’m getting slightly lonely, there’s someone I know since elementary school. There, on my MTV is Michael, singing and dancing his latest song.

I thought it’s kinda interesting how the last of these was during my America years. The last stop before going back home. It’s like, ok, I’m big enough now to cope on my own, I can handle these new things now.

And now he is gone. HisStory has ended. But his spirit lives on. Just take a look at yourself and make that change!

Take care Michael.Hope you’re in a better place now.


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