My Idul Adha

For the first time in years I was able to do shalat eid at the nearby mosque. It felt good to be out in the open air, looking at my fellow muslim brothers and sisters all answering God’s call with bleating of the sheeps in between the takbir. My neighbourhood mosque was given 30 sheeps and 2 bulls. Not bad I thought.

We walked back home, had a light breakfast, in anticipation for the feast to come, and first went to the kids’ school. We donated a sheep under our children’ name so we want to see the qurban. It would be good for the kids too. After some waiting the procession starts. Because we were the first one there, Laras’ sheep got slaughtered first. I kept some distance between her and the sheep, close enough to see what’s going on but not too close that she sees the actual action. The knife that been sharpened for ages proves its worth. With one quick clean swipe the sheep is dead. Then off to the hanging line where it got skinned, etc. It was fascinating. I’ve been to qurban of course but I never really stay to watch the whole process. The skinning process looks so easy, slowly but surely the skin parted with the body starting with the hind legs all the way down to the neck. Then the intestines were gutted. My, such plenty material, no wonder sop kambing is made almost entirely of intestines. There’s just so many of it it will be shameful to waste. I can just about taste the soup at the tip of my tongue 😉 then one of the leg is cut and presented to Laras. She accepted somewhat confused. So then its time to tell her about the qurban albeit a 4 year old version so I skipped the whole prophet Ibrahim-Ismail bit and just go for the confirmation of our faith and sharing the welfare/bounty with others. I think she got it because she didn’t ask too many follow-up questions.

Then time to visit my parents. Some cousins were there so we catch up on family gossip while eating the spread my mom had organised. Her gulai kambing is excellent, as always. I didn’t want to leave but it is time to go to my husband’s family home. Off we go there, updated the family gossip then my husband stated cooking the leg of lamb. Parts of it go to soup, others to barbecue. I got the joyful task of peeling and slicing shallots and garlics. Oh fun. He cooked using a pressure cooker and the soup was ready in record time. It was delicious but has too much pepper. Not his best result but still good. Then came the sate kambing so we had some of that too. Yum!

Once you’re fed, what do you do? Nap time! Well, that’s in theory. What actually happened was Laras decided to watch a video of Dora, so I took out a novel and read a book next to her, then Faris was with his dad tinkering with the car and whatever else the boys did.

Usually we stayed until dinner but since my husband had some work to do we went home in the late afternoon. And that’s how my Idul Adha goes yesterday.

How about yours?


6 thoughts on “My Idul Adha

  1. Lagi nggak sholat, nungguin suami pulang habis itu keliling-keliling ke tempat teman-teman. Cuma sanggup dapat 5 rumah plus nerima satu tamu itu pun ampun-ampunan kenyangnya. Kalau teman-teman sekantor yang bujangan perantauan bisa dapat 8 rumah lebih.

  2. seperti tahun2 sebelumnya. jadi petugas pemeriksa qurban. kemaren dapet di jakpus (kantor BPK pusat). ada 5 sapi en 17 kambing.pulangnya dikasih oleh2 daging. aku kasih ke ibu kos (katan ibu mau dibuat gepuk). pulang dari jakarta laper banget soale ga makan siang. untung ibu kosku nawarin maem sama tongseng kambing. hoho…yummy…karena tadi paginya bangun jam 3 (saoale kudu kumpul jam 3.30 sama rombongan petugas), habis magrib langsung zzzzz…bangunnya jam 6.30 hahaha…kebiasaan buruk kalo lagi libur sholat 🙂

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