Opinion Schmopinion

If, you read a post and you totally disagree with what that person’s opinion, what should you do? Put down your two cents? Ignore it? Take them off your list? Doesn’t seem democratic, to write people off simply because you don’t agree with them. Nor would it do you any good to be surrounded with “yes men” all the time. Sometimes I really wonder, is it really worth it? Or should you just simplify your life? But if you simplify your life, then you run the risk of going through life with a blinders but at least you won’t be agitated, you won’t be bete.

For example, I was quite annoyed at recent postings in one of the mailing lists I joined until a friend posted a rebuttal. Was so pleased with him. Told him that I’ve been thinking of writing a reply but that he put it much more eloquently that I didn’t post my reply. He said, it’s not a matter of eloquence but common sense. Basically he said not to be afraid to voice my opinion. I supposed that’s very true. People seems to have lost their common sense these days, not sure they even had it to begin with, so how do you reason with people who has no sense? How do you even start?

sheesh…. I should’ve paid more attention during those Theory of Knowledge classes back then. Perhaps then I wouldn’t worry so much about these things…


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