Greed & Corruption

It is amazing how corrupt our country is.

Oh yes, I know it is not a breaking news event. Still. Faced with the actuality I can not help but feel amazed (and disgusted plus sick to the stomach) at the show of manipulation in action. Money talks. Yes, we do it. The small things like paying extra to speed up the ID card, passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, and any other certificate or paperwork that we need to do. That’s still corruption albeit on a small personal scale. But when it is huge, corporation, duping loads of people scale then it is truly amazing.

What people will do for money.

What people will do to go against their conscience, surely everyone has it, some just get better at ignoring it and ultimately forget they even got one.

To be blind and to worship money. To give in to greed.

Morality? Morality don’t make me rich.

In cash we trust.

No cash, no justice.

Right becomes wrong. Wrong become right. (and I am just full of cliches)

Scary. Very scary.


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