I feel jittery today. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. My court case isn’t going so well. Turned out our lawyers aren’t very good. The suit they made was unfocused, incomplete, basically it was crap. Thus the guy we sue returned the favor by picking at every single holes our lawyer made. True, the other guy aren’t so wonderful either, their answers also not watertight but they made a counter-suit and it made me unable to sleep. Plus, they had another more expensive lawyer that returned what my husband called an academic paper that really makes our suit looks like shit. I am so crushed.

I know we are in the right. We’re the ones that are wronged yet somehow we’ve been dogged from the start. Big lesson learned:I should listen to myself more and call people on their bullshit. Seriously. This is what happened when you let turd run all over. Very NATO. Unprofessional. Waste of time, waste of money. But no more. I will make the effort to read and understand documents. I will speak up when I don’t understand and feel someone is bullshitting me. And I will fight it.


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