Mourning Benazir

Last night as I was on the phone with my mom, flicking the channel, my eyes became glued to BBC and CNN. Benazir Bhutto had been shot and the channels were reporting the progress by the minute until finally the inevitable happened. Ms. Bhutto died.

This news really troubles and upsets me. Her father had been sentenced to death and now she too suffers similar fate much like the Gandhi family in India. Further news reported that her brothers also died in suspect circumstances much earlier. Knowing this I have so much more respect for her. There has been many death in her family because of politics yet she didn’t shy away. She returned. Back to her birth land and resume the family mantle.

I can not help but admire her courage and determination. She led a comfortable life abroad. But she returned. She got power, over throned and went back abroad. Again, she wasn’t slumming it abroad so she could just stay there indefinitely. Yet she returned. Bombers marked her arrivals. But it didn’t deter her. She could’ve chosen the easy lifestyle but choose politics instead, knowing full well what dangers lies ahead. She just keep on going and going until bullets stops her. And it makes me furious.

You don’t have to agree with her politics, indeed there has been allegation of corruption during her days in power. I remember when she first became PM my Pakistani friends were split into two, those that supports and those that don’t. Interestingly, those that don’t didn’t disagree because of her politics but because of her gender. I want to know what she stands for, yet I got a diatribe about how a women should never become leaders which makes me even more curious. When women enters into politics, surely her gender shouldn’t matter? Surely her agenda and manifesto matters more? I understand that politics is often dirty but silencing your opponents by killing them?

I don’t know Ms. Bhutto, I am not even sure what her campaigns are. But I do know this, there’s no excuse for her assassination. I hope no one in my country would think that assassination is a bright idea to keep your grip on power. You can not shut people by violence. You do not keep in power by oppressing people forever. Yes, I know it happened and still happened in many parts of the world but vox populi vox dei. People can only ‘tolerate’ injustice for so long. They will fight back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or even next month, but it will happen.

Goodbye Ms. Benazir Bhutto, I mourn for you. I wish the best for your family and your country.


One thought on “Mourning Benazir

  1. It was also deeply saddens me. We grow up knowing her battles. She never quits. I’ve never known all the steps she took, but one thing I know: she fights for injustice. I pay a lot of respect to her. My prayer for Ms. Benazir Bhutto. May her spirit shines on everybody’s heart.

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