of fever and high temperature

As a parent, there’s probably nothing worse than having a sick child. Especially a child who in the morning was still doing just fine then come afternoon suddenly drops ill and spike a fever at night. Altough parents are supposed to be calm still, panic sets in when the temperature reads 39.1c all sorts of deadly diseases starts popping to mind, pneumokokus, meningitis, dengue fever, etc etc etc. It’s like once the train of thought starts, you can’t stop it. I really shouldn’t think like that but sometimes you can’t help it. Listening her cries of,”Mama Mama… I want Mama…” really breaks your heart because there’s nothing you can do to protect her from that pain except hug her really hard and hope that some of the pain transfer to you. So you take her to the ER and hope and pray the dr there can work their miracles…


3 thoughts on “of fever and high temperature

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh …. gw paing nggak bisa tidur kalau my munna panas …. demam. secara pernah step. Duhhhhh, apalagi kalo udah panmas tinggi, tapi kakinya dingin …cepet sembuh ya … kalo bisa jangan ada anak-anak yg dikasih sakit deh …

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