Are you a bookworm?

Dari Neng Dee, si maniak baca buku. Interesting quiz. Jadi pengen jawab.

Are you a bookworm?

Ask yourself these questions: <!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–>

  1. Not including textbooks, how many books do you buy a month?
  2. How do you choose a book: by the cover, the blurb, the name of the author or soothing else?
  3. What is your type of novel/book?
  4. Where do you usually read: in bed, on the train, in the bath…?
  5. Do you have a favorite literary character or hero?
  6. Do you ever use a library, or do you prefer to buy books?
  7. Do you have a favorite author whose books you always read?
  8. Do you prefer to see the film first and then read the novel or vice versa?
  9. What was the title of the last novel you read? Who was the author?

My Answers:

1. Generally about 1-2 books per month but if there’s a book sale or book fair, have been known to go a little crazy and buy about 10 books on a trot.

2. All of the above. I’ve bought books based on their previous works, based on the advertisment, friend’s recommendation or books that are widely discussed in my mailing lists.

3. Mostly drama, thriller, detective and comedy.

4. Everywhere but mostly in bed and on ‘the throne’.

5. Hmm… let’s see, Pippi Langstrump is the coolest girl, I want to be her neighbour instead of Thomas and Annika. Fahri from Ayat-Ayat Cinta is also pretty cool, I don’t want to marry him though, I want to BE him 😉 Laura Ingalls had an adventurous life. Hilman’s Lupus and Olga, two great and wacky teenager. Djokolelono’s Astrid and Bung Smas’ Noni are my favourite sleuth and I admire Hermione Granger. She’s so smart and I love smart girl character which lead us to Elizabeth Bennet and Elinor Dashwood. I think that’s a lot of favourite characters.

6. I have used a library when there’s a great one around but I prefer buying.

7. I probably don’t have all their books but once I like an author I tend to buy more of their works.

8. I suppose it depends. Most of the time I read the books before the film is made but there are occassions where I saw the film first then the books such as “Cau Bau Kan”, “The Starter Wife”, or “Legally Blonde”

9. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Just finished reading it this morning.


7 thoughts on “Are you a bookworm?

  1. iya abis pas lagi ada penawaran jadi baru beli. Bacanya sih cepet, tipis ya ternyata. Kirain setebal bantal. Lagi mikir2 mo baca yang lain apa enggak… Menarik tapi gimana ya? Nggak seheboh yang saya kira. Hehehe…

  2. hwaduh, tanggal 16 ya? kirain bisa besok sabtu… heheh… mentang2 weekend ini bakalan jomblo… Ya oklah ditentukan kapan tante2 sekalian bisa kumpul. Eh aku nggak cuma baca alchemist aja lho bulan ini ada buku2 lain juga jadi banyak deh… ;D

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