Where should Mothers be?

There’s a thread in one of my mailing list that I joined that really made my blood boil. But, since it says for male only thus I refrain from voicing my opinion over there. I’ll just say it over here.

I just can not believe that in this day and age there are still people holding on to the notion that mothers should just stay at home and only fathers are allowed to work. Well yes, it would be nice for all mothers to be able to stay at home and take care of their children, however that is not always the case. Life often don’t work that way. What a loss to humanity to not allow women to fulfill their capability. Yes, of course once we have kids we have to put their welfare first. But certainly that does not mean that we are then shackled at home!

Whose to say that kids whose mother works would grow up to be juvenile delinquent? That is so not true. What happened when your husband died before you do? What are you to do then if there’s no option available to you? Just die too?

If women are not allowed to work, does that mean that those who do are not allowed to be mothers? Those whose ambition is to be a doctor, one of the noblest profession on earth, then she is doomed? Gotta choose, be a doctor or a mother? Can you imagine if there are no more female ob-gyn?!? And yet there are husbands who are uncomfortable with male doctors treating their wives and daughters. So what are we to do if we are sick? Tough luck sweetie, have a good death? Because see, now there’s no female doctors and we are not allowed to be treated by male doctors. What kind of sick reasoning is that?

The problem with not allowing mothers to work is that it reduces women to just baby making factory. And when women are seen that way, a lot of injustice and abuse follows. Heck, those happens even today. Domestic abuse, girls denied education, girls sold into sex trades. Why is that? Because they are reduced into the basic; baby factory. Yes yes yes, boys suffer too. I know I know. I am not blind to little boys forced to work dangerous labour. But women suffers much more. A female colleague of mine once said that she would much rather stay at home and care for her children but she worked so she is seen as a ‘valuable’ member of the family. That is just so sad. Damned if you do, damned if you are not.

I am not saying that all mothers should work. No, of course not. All I am saying is that mothers should be allowed to CHOOSE whether she wants to work or not and that her family should support her in her decision.

Guys, please step down from your high horse/ Ivory tower/ whatever and see the world as it is. Not as you want it to be.


5 thoughts on “Where should Mothers be?

  1. Wah, milis apa nih Mbak Sita, jadi penasaran. Saya bisa menebak, bhw para laki2 ini adalah org2 yg agak2 kuper… kebanyakan baca teori2, dan kurang gaul. 😀 Saya juga enggak setuju dg korelasi anak nakal dari ibu bekerja, karena kenyataannya banyak juga yg kebalikannya 😀 Itu dia.. mereka kuper Mbak Sita… Jadi, ketika menghadapinya jangan marah2 ya… 😉

  2. agatogata said: Masalahnya untuk mereka yang tidak nyambi suka dipandang sebelah mata.

    kesyan banget sampe memandang sebelah mata gitu. Mangnya kenapa matanya satu lagi? mudah2an segera sembuh kalo katarax.

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