Oh what a fun house that was!

So my mother went to my aunt’s house today. It was not good. The house was originally a big house owned by her father-in-law. After he died, the house is split among the siblings so that big house is partitioned into I don’t know how many segment (there has got to be a better word than this, looks like I’m writing a tv show…). My aunt’s husband got a biggish segment/plot (again with the script vocab) though not the biggest one. Guess my aunt’s money got them that. While it is not quite living in slum, it was apparently rather ghetto, compared to my grandparents’ house. It was dank. No surprise there since ghettoisation already started way back when. But still rather shocking to discover that the bathroom is basically a squatting toilet with a big bucket – none of that cemented ‘bak mandi’ – and that the kitchen consisted of a lone frying pan. There must be a stove of some sort I think but my mom didn’t say anything. She was just fascinated by the dilapidated rusty oil can and the sad looking frying pan.

My mother went with my brother and her other sister. She said that while my brother and my other aunt was looking around in the house, her brother-in-law got quite agitated. He keep wanting to join them but my mother keep asking questions so he had to sit back down and talk to my mom. Eventually when he couldn’t contained his curiousity any longer he goes to search them.

Then they went to visit his relatives. Not too hard to do since they literally share the same walls. My aunt keep wanting to visit this brother or that sister but her husband brushed her off – that’s because she wanted to visit those whose plot are even smaller than theirs. So they took a couple of steps to the ‘richest’ brother’s plot. My mom couldn’t figure out a single word he said. But I think by that time my mom’s just pissed at them that she’s not paying any attention

Well, stage 1 of the plan has been executed. Here’s hoping things would get better.


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