The Sound of My Youth

So, there I was importing songs from the cd’s I am going to sell at the upcoming garage sale and unknowingly unearthing songs from my past. Listening to these songs, flashes of high school and uni days came dancing in my head:

“Get down with OPP, yeah you know me! Get down with OPP, yeah you know me, Who’s down with OPP? every last ladies!!!”

“Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down!!!”

“I’m gonna be there till the end, 100% pure love…”

“Why waste your time? You know you’re gonna be mine…”

Aww laurdy, it reeks of club kid circa the 90’s which I was . As the song suggested, I did go jump up and down, not just with that song but with every other song as well. My friends and I, we were the energizer bunnies frequenting the dance scene at weekends, to salsa nights if we feel like dancing, 80’s night – because I absolutely hate 60’s night, I can do withou hearing I’m walking into bloody sunshine again thanks! – or to the gay clubs if we feel like a change in scenery and looking at real dancers. It’s true, the best dance moves happens there and definitely not on the meat markets. Urgh! That’s another dislike. No wonder the cover charge were so cheap!

Then of course, come Monday, we all change into grunge kids! All flannel, doc marten boots, flowery dresses and floppy hats. I got the picture to remind me but no scanner to prove it. Fear not though, I still shower everyday just the look, not the lifestyle. Never the lifestyle. Ah yes, the tears spilled for Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix and the never ending crush on Dave Grohl who thankfully is still alive and prosper. Long live Foo Fighter! Whatever happened to Mr. Vedder? Heard he release a new album or something.

Now, I can’t really fit into my ‘clubby gear’ (not that I’m going to be wearing it for its intended purpose anymore) so to speak so these song should motivate me to get off my lazy butt and into the gym

Or so she hopes.


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