“Excuse me, you look a lot like my computer teacher on high school,”

Do you believe in coincidence?

So there I was, in Carrefour to do my monthly grocery, shopping list sticked to the handle of the trolley thinking about the quickest route to get everything when a group of foreigners caught my eye. Now, it’s not that I’ve never seen foreigners in this particular branch of C4 is just that when a whole bunch of them popped out at the same time it kinda noticeable. There’s something about them that I couldn’t quite place but I shrugged it off and get in line to the escalator when I realise the guy in front of me looked so much like my computer teacher in high school. I looked to the left and pow! There’s this other guy who chatting with a lady that looked a lot like my drama teacher. I thought, am I hallucinating or did I just see two of my high school teacher on C4’s escalator each of them holding a trolley? I racked my brain for their names. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out my computer teacher’s name but I am so curious that I decided to go ahead and ask him anyway. I just have to know, how come there’s not 1 but 2 people that look so much like my former teachers, in a hypermarket no less.

So, once we’re safely on the top floor, I zoomed out to the guy in front of me and asked,”Excuse me, you look like my computer teacher from high school. Did you by any chance, worked in Amsterdam, in International School of Amsterdam?” A pair of friendly eyes peered at me, smiled and said yes. I knew it! I recognise that smile! Then the second surprise, “Sita?” I spun around and said, “Mr. Westerberg, is that you?” a big bear hug was the answer. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe not only my hunch was right, but that they remembered me as well! Needless to say, a small riot ensues mostly by my doing, shrieking and kinda jumping up and down in excitement. Well, they were surprised too but being male and older they’re more composed than me . It turned out that they’ve been looking to work here, apparently Mr. Westerberg visited Jakarta back in 97 and fell in love with the city. They’ve been keeping an eye out for job opening and just got it now.

In the mean time I keep racking my brain for my other teacher’s name and still couldn’t find it so with great embarrassment I said,”Please, could you tell me your name, I can’t keep calling you my high school computer teacher!” Thankfully he just laughed and said his name. Dude I am getting old. But the funniest was to see their expression when they found out that I now have 2 kids. It’s priceless. Since they’ve only been here for 3 days they haven’t got a cell phone sorted. So I gave them my details and an invitation to dinner whenever they are ready.

Now here’s the twilight zone moment, when I arrived at C4 I took a detour to KFC to get some snack so I won’t shop on empty tummy. Had I head straight to the trolley and go shopping I would’ve missed them completely, I would’ve gone upstairs and swallowed into C4’s belly. But I didn’t. Mr. Westerberg keep saying this is meant to be and I believe him. You don’t see each other for 13 years and suddenly you bumped into each other, in a hypermarket of all places, it is bound to be some sort of fate.

So, do you believe in coincidence?


8 thoughts on ““Excuse me, you look a lot like my computer teacher on high school,”

  1. what i know about life is, that everything is about TIMING. perfect timing in everything. it’s written. nothing is coincidence. NOTHING!!! it’s fate. think about it. everything happens exactly on the second it has to happen. EVERYTHING!!!!

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