Almost Three

You are still very small

Your little legs

Can not yet match your

Mommy’s longer stride

And your hands

Is still enveloped by mine

You are 2 years old, almost 3

Apparently, two’s are terrible

But you are not

Not all the time 😉

Yes, you start to assert

Your wants and needs

And yell and cry

If you don’t get your way

And you test your parents

For their patience

And maturity

Everyday J

And I am sorry to say

That I sometimes failed

To be that mature, older

(and supposedly) wiser person

When all you want is attention

Because sometime

You can not help

But get jealous

Of your little brother

Even though you love him

And he is the first thing

You look for every morning

So everyday I try

To be a better mommy

Than yesterday

For you and your brother

For there is no sweeter sight and sound

Than when you run towards me

Arms outstretched

Smiling widely

And says,


For Laras, on the eve of her 3rd birthday

(Laras actually already turned 3 back in June, but this was composed way before)


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