Earthquake in Jogjakarta

Early Saturday Jogjakarta was hit by an earthquake which register at 5.9 richter scale according to the local news and 6.2 richter scale according to CNN and BBC. Which is right I don’t know but even so 5.9 is a high number and devastation sure follows.

The quake took place early in the morning so a lot of people was still at home getting ready for the day or still fast asleep even. Thus, casualties are high as houses were flattened down burying those underneath. Until now the toll count register about 4000 dead. Elsewhere roads were cracked, buildings torn, even the royal palace was not spared. The interesting thing about the Royal Palace is that the Justice Hall was flattened down. Of course this could be a total coincidence, the Justice Hall just happened to be in the path of the quake, but as a half-Javanese, I can’t help but wonder is this nature’s way of telling us that there’s no justice in this country anymore? and that mother nature is getting sick of us? Can’t really blame her for feeling this way.

To make matters even more interesting, the threat of Mount Merapi volcanic eruption is still looming in the distance. This one is bound to happen, we just don’t know when but the signs are all there. Oh joy. Isn’t life here just interesting?

Since I can’t go there, my donation will go instead. My job is to choose which aid service to give my donation to. To make sure it goes to those that really needs it.

I really hope the government wakes up and realise the problems we are having and act on in instead of lip service per usual. Life goes on. Do not lose faith. Each shall receive its own reward in due time.


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